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, And that is even more stunned officials, think Huan far the referral of civilians, not even dared to defy the will of the emperor.

but a recall just Aman and much critical attitude, he is about to understand: this house there lived a group of trouble-making.

that officials hesitation, the heart came too overwhelmed with their own entourage, if blindly entangled’m afraid can not please everyone, just that it is enough for them by the Kunlun Nu, or simply a temporary leave, ask a local official to be seconded These troops, and then come back to trouble-making accounts. He kept the door thought it would stay no more, or no longer persuade Huan far, only one left with a sneer.

Huan far sullen, with much critical into the house, closed the door did not come out a few steps, they could not wait much critical and asked:? “What you do not want to become an official” Although Huan Michong far has not expressed dissatisfaction with life, but the relative in others, much critical for Huan far guilt but is deepest.

regardless of politics or as text, Huan far are enough to build a career, but ever since he came to the Northern Wei Dynasty, but always converge with his brilliance, he was almost less literary exchanges with the city, let alone seek career, except for the occasional with a view of the sea, said two outer, or books, or due to accompany her out the door, he most often do is to stay home and read.

much critical knew for what.

he did it in order to avoid the attention of others. As little as possible to let some people noticed them, so that they would have been exposed to identity, more precisely, to avoid exposing her identity?? Them all, the most lack the ability to protect themselves, and are most likely to encounter dangerous people, That is her only.

Once her identity exposure, not the past that layer of identity protection, she might be caught in a difficult situation. Although this is not the Southern boundary, but the identity of the former much critical and not much good reputation, and thus may not be the Northern waiting for her to accept.

But since the Emperor’s will come, it means they know the ins and outs emperor. Hide not have to hide it does not matter,canada goose jackets, much critical thought would be willing to act as official Huan far, after all,canada goose outlet, it was his chance to show their talent.

Huan far stopped, it was first told to go to his room attendants brought him placed in a bookcase wrapped. Before turning much critical, stressing each syllable authentic: “I do not want Xianbei courtiers.”

heard so far hwan said much critical before suddenly think of it, is Northern Xianbei people rather than the regime established by the Han Chinese. Xianbei, layman’s terms, is barbarian. Originally northern nomads. But after gradually grow. Began to establish themselves in the country, Jin Yong’s novels, “Dragon” in that order for the Zionist ambition is Murong Fu Murong Xianbei tribal ancestors. It was a real nation existed, Murong had established several countries in Southern and Northern Dynasties period prior to the chaos, but soon all the destruction of destruction, and the Northern Wei to Robert W.’s masters, it is another branch of the Xianbei tribe.

mainly around the life of the majority Han Chinese, Chinese Xianbei people go through every year, the ruling regime are mostly Han Chinese to follow, leading to much critical often forgotten, here are actually alien domination area.

heart and not so much critical distinction for Hu Han strictly divided, although not know the specific history, but she always still know a few years later Sui dominate the world, the Southern and Northern Dynasties attributed unification era environment limited vision, so she What class hatred Xianbei people, it is a relatively difficult to do.

but much critical know, you want to make far-hwan understand her idea, but also a relatively difficult to do, Huan distant stance in favor of the traditional literati, so she did not show disapproval carefully look, only said: “Do you have any plans for the emperor have been sent to seek them out?.” She was silent for a “Otherwise we Piantao go.”

other unlikely because of a refusal of the far-hwan made this connection let go, those who want to avoid trouble, leave this place is the best choice.

Huan away slowly shook his head, his face flickered touch of exotic look, followed by a deep, with one does not know what the meaning of much critical eyes staring, after a long time, he slowly authentic: “Do not not that we go, but I go. “

leave him alone, so that the problem can be solved.

much critical uneasy authentic: “Why?” This is what he meant?

Huan far downcast eyes, lightly:. “We are a group of people with nowhere to go, can not stay Northern, Southern equally dangerous”

world, Wang soil, although there are two kings, but it is also the king of clay, and the soil outside the king, Mobei Nanban is wild land, because of him, he could not bear to let her suffer and therefore the displaced.

Huan far raised his eyes, his eyes among Junya slightly flashing light, seems a bit sad: “As long as I go, even the Northern Wei emperor lost embarrass your reasons, it will not come with interference.”

much critical funny authentic: “how do you think you gone, Robert W. Philip maybe it really will not care about what he would vent their anger on me??” They have no sense of what the Northern Wei emperor monarch, so one only call identity, the other is more cynically by their first names.

Huan distant voice was low, but just to make much critical hear: “No, I just want the Northern Wei emperor, as for you, as long as I go, he will not vent directly to the person behind you on the . “

he said that, the hearts of a pain, they simply do not see much critical Pianguo Tou: “Maybe you do not know, but I gradually aware, we have been protected from us to the beginning of the Northern Wei Dynasty, has been so far, there is no foundation for any background of us, but they have experienced any things difficult, traders had not been fraud, had not been there long oppressed, have not been affected by the powerful things difficult, but did not cause the slightest attention to others,cheap canada goose, even of Southern enemies never sent to chase …… this is not my ability, but it was deliberately behind to protect us. “

It was a hand, do not discount traces, quietly, which covered her hand Luoyang city sky, erasing everything against them, protect them intact.

unusual powerful, but also extremely solid, has been to protect, this strong and stable so that he almost discouraged extreme, the other can care much critical quietly thoughtful, but he can not help anything.

that person is probably sea view, but he concept of this style of acting, but more like another person.

spent much critical stared in amazement.

It turned out that more than a year to secure her life, are to be protected by it? Because it was dangerous for her to cover everything and evil, she can be so carefree, calm Enron? She was able to enjoy the clear hearty wind, and people can freely talk and laugh, because she has already been to establish a storm shelter invisible barriers?

much critical look into fugue among Huan far slight smile, whispered: “? Yes, your peace, are they not required to protect me, and I stay here, what benefits”

this time, the attendants have been ordered according to fetch him said parcel, which was filled with some of the property and a change of clothes, he found a few days ago after much critical secretly protecting someone ready to do, when he has sprouted little to Italy, but was not sufficient reason for him to leave, he does not want to go big, it has been delayed so far, now really is the time he should leave.

given that they sent to Robert W. Philip, indicating that it would only protect the hand is not too tightly cover the storm, his departure probably give much critical alleviate some of the burden and trouble.
He turned and lifted
step, they have to walk to the door not far from surprised to find a figure across from him quickly, then stopped at the door.

two hundred forty chapters 似是故人来

see that figure, Huan away slightly surprised, immediately a warm heart.

stopped at the door, who are much critical, she ran from Huan far side, in time before he came to the door.

afraid Huan far out from the outlet behind her, her back against the door, with two doors closed to block the body’s joints.

see her face guard look, Huan far could not help but smile:. “What you just blocked the main entrance to use, do not forget that this house there is a side door and back door.”

much critical one, teeth immediately cried: “! come, I put it to them blocked.”

Huan far to laugh: “Do not play child temperament, you have the moment I stopped, I do not have to stop me ……” saying half, he saw much critical look, the sound gradually lower down, the smile followed by solidification.

much critical now because his face looks like about to cry.

much critical hands on the door, she knew her behavior is futile, but she can not just let Huan far left, a man went to vagrancy, but she did not know what to say to retain him.

much critical sad faster cry out, one by one the people around to leave, mid-stream Sang Chung was taken away, and now they go far Huan, she has a Aman, at least in mid-stream mulberry bell, but Huan Far What?

he is with what kind of mood to leave?

thought of this, she was sad not self-sustaining, the people around her are her family, from Southern to Northern Dynasty has been accompanied with so came to support each other, who can not let go of her, no one wants to be ignored.

flow mulberry go, she can also be self-comforting relatives to accompany him. But Huan far it? Huan far what? He has been quietly accompany her, to finally going to quietly leave, he lost so much, but did not get anything, not even a secure way home have become embarrassing thing ……

much critical tightly biting his lips, eyes red, but the words stuck in my throat.

do not go ……

not a man to stray ……

not to leave her ……

because she will be sad, because he’s lonely and sad.

Huan complex taste hearts thrown away his eyes gradually diffuse genteel self-sustaining from the spring water. Looking at 楚玉良 long, he gave a wry smile: “Princess, do not do this, but the next ordinary shallow body of Guling you so …… not worth.”

Do not cry, if she was crying, he would give up leave ……

But no matter how sad, too, after all, is the way to go. There is no ending feast.

************************************************* *******

lasts over a minute Zhong Gongfu, Huan Chu far is finally out of the park, watching the door closed behind him, his eyes lingering for a long time. Or taking the heavy footsteps.

He first went to sea view in front of the house, knocked on the door, please open the door to the letters to the concept of Servant sea. And requested its behalf messenger. I hope after he left. Sea view, took more than able to take care of much critical.

words he did not know whether it will eventually spread to the human ear, but at least maintains a view of the sea. Much critical safety will be able to have a high degree of security, peace of mind, he also left a number.

door servants also recognize Huan far, asked him if he wanted to see sea view, Huan far smile shaking his head, and then I politely leave. He does not want to see a little view of the sea, because to see the view of the sea, he will not consciously think of another person, especially at this moment.

he slowly measured pace of the city of Luoyang in the ground, at every step, they stay away from much critical step, but he did not stop, but continue to go on.
decided it must be done, not necessarily Huan away stubborn lost anyone.

eastward amble away, but just a mile out, when a few people to go through the alley, but saw far ahead Huan exit, an ink figure back into his hand-held standing. The man was wearing black clothes, back thin thin, graceful willow soft but not as weak.

Huan far looking sank, after a moment lightly:. “is you, the scent of ink.”

although only saw the back, but recognized that had formerly worked with their local people, but also for Huan far it is a couple of seconds.

scent of ink slowly turned and looked at Huan Yi Yi far, raising his hand, smiled and said:. “Huan child long gone, the scent of ink in the waiting, Huan child does not seem accidental” action learning from his expression Rong Zhi, behavior conversation personable, did not see the past used the lovely color of camouflage.

injuries on his face, though still more than a scar, but more than a year ago when the sight faded a lot.

this time far longer dare Hwan cent underestimate the scent of ink, will be looked at him for a moment, Huan far cold: “I naturally do not accidentally, Rong Zhi hoodwink in Luoyang city, not to mention that you know me out of the city, even though this time standing in front of me was him, I have nothing not alarmed. “

scent of ink since come to him naturally somewhat plot, as long as he calmly, but can perhaps learn some of the messages.

far for Huan did not mind the cold, the scent of ink smiled and said: “Huan child serious, my son otherwise engaged, arresting Huan son, but the scent of ink free hand move …… But Huan son had just turned down His Majesty’s will? “

Huan far sneer about: “Is that your Majesty, not my sire.” No matter how the rod and spoil the Southern Emperor, but he consistently does not intend Feng Xian Bei Hu man monarch.

heard Huan far implicitly wroth to discourse, the scent of ink at first hesitated, thinking something was relieved smiles: “Wait a minute Huan angry child, it does not matter who’s sire, the next truly master volume only son of one person, the scent of ink in this block, but it is something Xiangqiu, please Huan and anger among the sub-extinguished heart, listen to me from the beginning to the road. “

Huan far frowned and said: “You say.”

scent of ink to reveal a triumphant smile, bowed before Yi Yi, Wan Wan’s voice was said to Dirou open.

previously Huan far would expect for a half, Empress Feng Rong Zhi really stood side, but he did not direct his assistant Empress Feng, but sent the scent of ink as Empress Feng helper, and occasionally asked about the situation unilaterally contacted the scent of ink . But most recently, Empress Feng of the Northern Wei emperor Robert W. Philip began with the opposition, had watched in the name of Colonial Empress Feng of the upcoming round victory, but Robert W. Philip suddenly appeared around a person, that person help reverse the Robert W. Philip disadvantage, even forcing Empress Feng slightly concessions.

Huan far slight sneer, just to say that this place dry sarcasm with him, but suddenly think of it, if nothing to do with him, the scent of ink will not be so tired to say with him, listened patiently to go right again.

scent of ink has been speaking on the occasion of observing Huan looked away, presumably out of his thoughts that he smiled and said:. “Huan Huan sub-sub-indeed, the man Huan also recognize the child, but the Southern to the enemy it.” When the enemy comes word that he become more teeth between the words mean.

see quite tolerant Huan far, never asks the man’s name, the scent of ink will not tantalize, frankly told:. “That man is the day as a mirror.”

two hundred forty chapters do not know where the

This time, Huan far eyebrows finally appeared trace fluctuations, he looked at the scent of ink, motioned him to go on.

undeniable scent of ink carried out days as a mirror, which brought him enough vigilance and alert, Rong Zhi days as a mirror is not only the enemy, but also had stab in the back had been much critical stab in the back too much critical and, from this level speaking, Rong Zhi with much critical but is a person on board.

see Hwan finally triggered the attention away, the scent of ink hearts relieved, went on to explain: the scent of ink had assisted Empress Feng Colonial, but appears as a mirror day after Robert W. Philip around, he did not know what to make of nothing, Victory would allow the Robert W. Philip backward side.

much critical days as a mirror and know the ins and outs bracelet, Rong Zhi stood high in the spirit of all reported to overlook attitude, so they both days of Fearless identity as a mirror disagree, but the scent of ink is different, he I do not know the truth, can not have two Rong Zhi general mood, see days as a mirror the other day and the little emperor appeared together Robert W. Philip, his position suddenly panic the first half.

without guidance Rong Zhi, he does not know how to deal with this situation.

hesitated for a moment, the scent of ink or tell their own purposes: “The next hope, Huan child can

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Jaw also had stubble. His eyes still firmly locked book, did not answer her question, but strode to the front of her body,canada goose outlet, her into her arms, leaned over and kissed her.
his lips very hot, her lips removed, he kissed too overbearing, in-depth, not that she refused to use his tongue against her uvula. Static books head back want to avoid him, but that he single-handedly boosting the back of the head, sucking his lips were not allowed to leave to live.
fever that day, he has no time to look powerless and vulnerable, and revert to the previous Ruler. He will still pull the book at the crook of the arm in the package on the floor, took off his jacket static book, and Quche her sweater and shirt.
books slender body was still detained her in his arms, and some panic to fend off his hand, but today she wore a wool skirt, Chengrui Yun easily let it out of her body.
“Chengrui Yun, you let me go! you do …… ah!” quiet book Tuiju sake struggled out of his arms, but he was down the middle horizontal lines only to be picked up, flung directly into the bedroom on the bed.
he suppressed her full possession meant to kiss her gently ask him / her body to get those sweet days, they had a good explore each other’s body, he certainly knows how to make her quickly for him Ready seconds.
remove the body of his clothes, kneeling on her legs, she was deeply occupied!
She’s beautiful, good warm! He miss her, he can not lose her!
“quiet book ……” he murmured some breath unsteadily to her name, with some hope.
static book blindsided by his invasion, only Diqi cried. She did not want him, he has done something like that, how can also occupy her since?
but refused to release her Chengrui Yun, he even took her hands pressed against the bed, so she knelt from behind into her tummy! His books still make some wild overwhelmed, she cried and refused shakes, long hair hanging from the neck to the chest room on both sides, the white America back exposed to the 程锐云.
he heavily 吮吻 with, nibble, let her hold her back from the waist, Bianco pointed chin in her time crooning to finally clear the air concentration / burning protactinium in her depths.
Chengrui Yun Jing wants to hold the usual book appease her, I did not expect quiet book turned fiercely pushed him.
“I do not want to see you! you walked out of here!” quiet book cried.
程锐云 pain must, like the oath general,canada goose jackets, said: “! static book, what I can do, as long as you are willing to forgive me.”
“impossible!” quiet book pathos smile, he told her, how dare mention the word forgiveness?
“I never touched her! Whether awake or unconscious when I have not touched her! Do you believe me,cheap canada goose, I only have you a woman!”
“I do not believe, I do not believe it!” emotional static book almost did not hear what he said in the end, it was only when he patiently explains, hear the word believe is to let her feel collapse. “You go to her, do not touch me again!”
“quiet book! you are my woman! apart from you I do not want others to ……” The whole thing looks a little he already had, but now there is no evidence to testify his innocence, but how could she think of him greed of man!
“Then we broke up! touched another woman again, I do not hold me, so dirty, I feel so dirty!” quiet book crying hold their own, without any explanation of this moment shouted to his hate.
Chengrui Yun finally shook the heart and soul splitting these two words, clenching and unclenching his hands, closed his eyes closed too painful.
He picked up the clothes thrown on the bed, then put on, still sobbing dismay glance static book one, quietly opened the door to leave.
static book finally crying out loud, she heard myself saying a break up, it was her heart already has a decision?
endured body limp, she staggered out of bed and into the bathroom down some open shower body wash contaminated everything. She was slightly swollen lip bite was also some tingling tingling and painful heart is saying unable to speak.
this was her break! The original loved to be separated later, when more than the pain does not love a hundred times! She does not think this is one of the best, most rational decision, but why should he force her?
static book casually rubbed his face, wipe the water marks, get towels wrapped around the body.
her blankly in bed, here are his breath, scrambling was unable to calm her, and the tears just flowed down the slide at the scene. She wanted to put together all the sheets are replaced, but very tired, only straight at the ceiling, the bitter taste of the heart.
they are not separated from now on so we do not meet each other? Ringtones
phone rang, the book still did not want to answer, she is now a little effort and no, do not want to deal with anyone, anything. But ringtones Buyiburao rang three times, static book had no option but pick up.
“Hello? Anna?” quiet book adjusted his breath, barely opening.
“quiet book you apartment?” Tong Anna’s voice seemed a little anxious.
“Terrence has not approached you?”
“he ……” quiet heart of a tight book, hesitated a moment I do not know what to say.
“No matter!” Tong Anna gave up listening interrupted her, “I now come visit and Jiang Yong, an accident!”
still holding the phone book froze, too many things have taken place recently, and she still does not know at this time what kind of “surprise” waiting for her ……
************************************************* ***************************
splitting headache, parents who continue to support, what incentive would dig something ~ ~ ~ sleep a while before the pond

over who would be willing to love (1)
Jiang Yong and Tong Anna sat, watching the static book face. She looked at the moment is some incredible Tong Anna laptop.
“This is sent to e-mail this afternoon, all the trees and high-rise is Cc, as far as I know there are some general staff has also been seen!” 童安娜 with static book explains.
still somewhat irreverent book and said:. “do not know if he saw himself these photos appear in the mail what do you think.” It 程锐云 entanglement and Vicki photo
screen, but still can not see the girl’s face, only 程锐云 side faces clearly visible.
“He might have known.” Tong Anna speculated, “he suddenly took leave of absence this afternoon, the message is issued only after he left the company to come! I’m not sure that he is not to talk to Vicki showdown, resulting in she was angry. “
Jiang Yong thought for a moment, “quiet book, What do you think?”
first saw photos of the courier to be stimulated book was almost fainted at the moment there is still a point of unexpected calm seconds.
“Why would she do that?” quiet book with a puzzled, wondering exactly what her before all this anger and sorrow have quietly subsided a little.
Jiang Yong nodded, it seems they have thought to go with it.
“She wanted to force him to get married, send photos to me, I want to sow discord between his feelings now, she succeeded! So why publish the photos out? unwilling to give in, even if he started, she did not have any Benefits ah? “quiet books say heart questions.
“The key is, she specialized Cc all senior photos, what is the purpose?” Tong Anna adds.
static book puzzled, shook his head and looked at the pictures on the screen, although only two photos, but she could detonate imagine how much shock!
“others do? did not come over you?” Jiang Yong looked around a lot, with his sharp understanding of a cloud, he could not come. “*** One” quiet book protactinium.
static book down to hide his face flush, “He had just come over, but …… they left.”
“He did not say anything?” This book carefully
still remember in the end he just told her what he has stressed that he did not come across like Vicki, it will not touch her, when she thought it was his usual rhetoric has been, Now it seems he is not found any clues?
童安娜 and Jiang Yong listening to static book relayed think he could really find anything, then completely fell out accordingly with Vicki! But that still does not make sense why Vicki send these photos to the management of law firms. Shortly after the incident she was gone to work, the job title has barely benefit, she really does not 程锐云 money, and that her goal is to want to climb a high branches, why such a trick to it? This is nothing more than to tell you that she was a partner in the business for the new “hidden rules”, and can only be unseated Chengrui Yun, but he also would not give her anything she wants!
“Yes, quiet books, as well as things to tell you.” Tong Anna sat beside quiet book, said, “I asked several other together with their colleagues on a business trip, the night they lived in Terrence suite living room open discussion, finish everyone relax a little drink a glass of wine is an ordinary red, everyone drank, and drank a glass of Terrence remember, it is impossible to get drunk! but go Another newcomer, but remember who poured wine for everyone. “
“is Vicki?” quiet book naturally guess.
Tong Anna nodded.
“she tampered with in the wine?”
“is not a wine glass, this tactic has been overused in the bar!” The problem is going to go around marking subordinates, but also under the watchful eyes of it?
static book smile, when he discovered the next morning, but unfortunately did not do a urine test, otherwise I’ll be able to find something wrong.
date night anti-family anti-thief difficult to prevent, Chengrui Yun certainly did not expect to be so calculating, right?
problem is the evidence? Each photo, what they have?
Also, if it really is such a bureau, that Chengrui Yun would not drink chaos, it will not be more nurturing unbearable, but being wronged!
book chest while still tightening, this way, he not only lose their jobs, losing her feelings, but also the loss of reputation and dignity!
wonder when he had discovered could glimpse the truth of the iceberg, will be so excited, no wonder he would say that he could do anything, just want to get her understanding, no wonder he insisted that not touched that woman, she will not meet again … …
No wonder, no wonder ……
Tong Anna’s face looked calm book mourn and preoccupied look, know to give her some space, so suggesting that Jiang Yong got left.
“quiet book, we go first!” Tong Anna patted her hand, “Some things are good upset, take it seriously, after all, have to survive! ordeal you went through so much, this certainly nothing of! Together we get rid of this thing! “
still hold back the heart of the book sour nod, and then send them out. They did not know before she broke up with him said, she said despise him dirty ……
days, if he is really innocent, then he will be more sad?
static book sitting on the ground sliding back against the door, arms around his knees, tears she did not know at the moment is for him or for his own and streams.
Who can believe what the eyes see is not really what happened? Both of them have problems, feelings are always running in front of reason, this is not the love of the men and women of all Language will be some common problem?
she was still angry at him lying right, but compared to what he might lose in this conspiracy, she can choose to forgive, or they will take a little time to properly communicate, to re-establish trust between each other, but how Now this one is better than breaking up.
she should clear up this matter, but also his justice.
************************************************* ****************************
seeking monthly flower purse the matter, he pulled a cup of coffee in the afternoon there is also very good ah ~ ha ~ update
over who would be willing to love (2)
Chengrui Yun turned off the phone, cutting off contact with the outside world. Static books have no further contact him, the company would not need a partner in the limelight on the scandal. .
He also received email, to know what happened. See photos of the mail, he was very angry, and even a moment of shame and loss, but also long been prepared.
Vicki conditions last talk to him when he was clearly told her that he would seek the understanding of static book, even then one year, two years and so he will, in any case impossible to follow She swings, and even marry her! Unexpectedly, she had to admit it does not matter to generous that day they did nothing happens, it is only part of the Bureau of photos.
first time he raised his hand and wanted to give a woman a slap in the face, but still hold back, she was not worth it, only his hands dirty.
he knows needs a little time to find evidence also own an innocence, but also knew she would not let go this regard, perhaps the next will be a storm, but he refused to take anything, my mind was only one thought – he does not sorry static book, he is eligible to love her, to her, to marry her, even if the plot is next Vicki let him lose everything he did not care about existing!
developments to this point, indecent photographs and the “hidden rules” of the rumor is enough to ruin his reputation and career, but it does not matter, he can still bring the book out of here, along with grandmother together, they moved to the United States, he there are also the basis of the cause, Grandma can receive the best treatment, and they can start again!
but quiet book says to break up, said he was dirty … seconds …
his smile, someone literally took a pot of dirty water splashed in your body, can not dirty? After
reunion, he really had a good enough idea of ​​static book, out effort she loved him best youth time in life, and in addition to the pain he gave her nothing!
Five years ago, the book is still in love with him wholeheartedly that little girl, five years later, she can accompany him through life woman, but no matter what, he still did not think the book would break up with him mentioning !
own good that he said that he still loves to have confidence in the book worth mentioning, he is still the book will be forever identified with him!
he owed her, will be used to compensate for the rest of my life! His dedication and love for the static book eventually let him afford with her, and they have not been that good with it? But she still will not listen
own interpretation, angry that the lies he said. He in the end how to do to make her understand that he did not want to make her sad thoughts that protactinium?
static book that I know enough about you?
this is his reward it?
he really have nothing of it. Even static book must abandon him ……
“Xiaoyun ah, Xiaoyun!” Cheng grandmother in the upstairs shouting Chengrui Yun’s name, with a tone of excitement and surprises.
Chengrui Yun sitting on the living room couch, looked a little dazed response: “Grandma, I’m here, what happened!”
process grandmother holding a red velvet box out of his room, Yang Yang hand towards him, said: “!! found, found Yuhua left ring ah.”
Chengrui Yun looked down scornful smile, and now they are also used to get the ring where?
way grandma grandson seeing sluggish and static book of exodus, was anxious. More and more things have to rely on pen and paper to record her, she had two children could not help much, I do not know if I can attend their wedding.
last quarrel, she heard them when it comes to the ring, she was determined to make sure that Chengrui Yun diamond ring her mother left to find out. Static book will be touched, right? Perhaps one moved, she went back to his side of it!
“? Xiaoyun” Cheng grandmother to see him no response, I went downstairs and handed the ring box in his hand, pretending to laugh and said: “So when I put it in a cupboard in your room, but I always wanted to not up. “
程锐云 took from the hands of her grandmother box, opened it, looked at the sinking had worn on the static book finger ring by her pampering still bright, and not because of age tempered and bleak.
He chuckled, turned it in his room, and not something he has been seeking in the place closest to him, he always seemed so, I do not know how many missed the scenery of life, how much heart.
he closed the box, just got the idea to re-shut the door.
“Your book is also at odds with the quiet ah? go and apologize to her, put a ring on her hand, and then come back to pick her up for dinner, do dishes my grandmother gave you.”
“useless, grandmother, and she will not come back!”
“Nonsense!” Cheng grandmother scold him, “is not what you say bastard?”
Chengrui Yun wry smile and shook his head, and this time he is not a static book.
way Grandma rage, “is the book you say will make the process of static house door, let her wedding dress, the future will give us a child under Cheng Jiasheng

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Forces surrounded but please do not forget my family endure spies are ghost guard, they still have some dark forces of resistance. And this is where Pete Hill East, a family of generations of our lives, where we are all very familiar with plants and trees, crossing the mountains into Pitt territory tiger family is not difficult. “Ryuzo Ku tone has a little proud.
“then how can we do? do have to wait for dark orc attack over it?”
“We are afraid that hundreds of thousands of dark orc fail, we bear clan army can put them all wiped out.”
“Well, like Dorgan said the general darkness orcs as we are fully able to cope easily to worry about is those dark mage, which in addition to my granddaughter and I Miss Shana will no longer find the other two men outside with them contend with people. “
Gu Yue Long pointed out the problem lies three sharply.
Everyone was silent on Fushi Bing they all have absolute confidence, but with those terrible dark mage all these ethnic elite is not the way.
“I can not say that the two proposals?” has been quietly listening to the Plains stood out.
“Oh,cheap canada goose, Ryan,canada goose outlet, you have a good idea what to say to listen?” Gu Yue Long three great grandson believe this must come up with any solution.
“I think the most important thing now is to find ways to eliminate those dark mage.”
“nonsense ……” Morrel rudely interrupted Plains, it ushered in a while dissatisfaction eyes.
Plains smiled and then said do not mind. “My opinion is that the first first sent a large army in the plains Tigers stationed in front of the fort, so that other actions will not dare second is to organize a team of elite soldiers sneaking into the tiger tribe’s territory, the dark mages to kill, or even destroy Huanglong, to find the source of the dark forces, it completely destroyed. “
representatives of all ethnic groups are aware of this method is indeed feasible, discuss them, of course, is easier to do first, launching one after another ethnic armies already over, in the territory of the former Panther tribe had gathered about four hundred thousand or so forces.
second is more difficult, and although ethnic warriors can Tarawa but then nothing dark magic resistance, took the eagle clan fighters for it, they do not get the tiger tribe’s territory, only the forces of darkness The edge will give them dizziness, loss of combat effectiveness.
“into the tiger clan territory, dark mage assassination mission, I am willing to finish.” Plains of representatives of all ethnic groups,canada goose jackets, then let’s put a frown on his mind.
“Ryan, do you really want to go? That was a very dangerous thing ah!” Ku Ryuzo some concern inquiry.
“Yes, Grandpa …” After a three-level test, Gu Yue Long Plains grandson three officially recognized position, allowing him to change the title. “In these people, the only we humans have the ability to fight against dark magic, we do not no one can do it up.”
“That’s good, Magic Mountain pills made ……”
“under the …”
“You led by the family of the most outstanding forbearance Shadow Guardian assist Plains to complete the task.”
“is ……”
“master of adults, under the request and Plains few main act together.” came out really 田信义 Gu Yue Long kneeling in front of three.
“Please allow masters, let us help Plains few main tasks …” Keiji Kirishima mountain Kazuo Wada East Day generals have also come forward to plead.
“You … Oh … well, you are gone but who will help me to lead the troops ah?” Ku Plains Ryuzo think so popular, Reggie men are scrambling to help him, thought for a moment. “Well, you go from the days of discrimination Saburo and small mountain Kazuo Wada, the other gave me a good soldier ……”
“is … under obeyed …”
little reason to send Saburo day discrimination and Gu Yue Long Shan Kazuo Wada also consider the decision after three. Days manifold small Saburo in his early forties, has been a personal retainers Ku Ryuzo, formerly the months before his son ancient Tibetan friends, in order to protect Fani Si, 塞丽雅, who had been to secure the continent for some Camilla time, will be some of the primary magic, superb fighting skills. Mountain Kazuo Wada not only martial arts, but his well-known of the current wave cyclone cut and Magic has a similar place, I believe it can help on the Plains of busy.
“Xiaoxu, would like to wish my grandfather could bring Sai Liya promise …”
“Atta boy even my granddaughter to be ah!” Although reluctant but Gu Yue Long three to Plains for their safety, only to be magic Sai Liya sent to him, but repeatedly told Plains and Magic Mountain pills made, who moments Note Sai Liya safety.
“What about me?” to see someone else have a mission, Shana some anxious inquiries.
“Shana you stay …”
“One, you are bright priest, a close range of dark magic, it will be perceived by the other side. two, where the Orcs Legion also need your help, only you can deal with those dark mage, so you have to leave this time I will not bring Mark Weir, let him protect you. “
Plains without actually there is a more important reason Mark Weir, Mark Weir who is too impulsive, impatient and not good at hiding themselves, bring only bad things.
Shana thought, feel Plains also say, do not keep the stick went.
Since they decided well, representatives of all ethnic groups and hurried back to report to their patriarch, prepare various matters.
Magic Mountain pills made under the leadership of others, they are very easy to climb Plains Pete mountains, into the tiger tribe’s territory. Broke into the dark magic in coverage when they are a bit uncomfortable Plains, it was cold and the dark forces of the unique atmosphere. Fortunately, everyone has to wear a special family ghost amulet, talisman is said to be the ghost of this family ancestral treasures, can make a person not to be found in the dark, with the strength of its somewhat similar to the dark magic , to be their best protection.

fifty-third chapter TG
In addition to this action
Plains, Sai Liya, Magic Mountain pills made mountain Kazuo Wada, day and thirty manifold small Saburo endure the most elite guard outside experts, very unexpected out of a person, that is, insist Sipilailian Contact to Yagyu Mi-generation ……
but looked Yagyu Mi-generation leotard that was tightly wrapped hot Jiaoqu, these big men are very fortunate to have a such a seductive girl in action.
addition to Magic Mountain has been no expression of pills and a mouth made for the little girl said nothing interesting day discrepancy small Saburo, the others were enjoying a pleasant mood, and still secretly with Sai Liya doing comparisons.
because Sai Liya aside, Plains only taking the time to peek, but always be found Yagyu Mi generations, back to him a meaningful smile, get Plains gratuitous heartbeat.
dive into the tiger clan territories action is very smooth, except for a small share in the road to avoid the patrols had not encountered any major external forces. With the Tigers fort as a barrier, dark orc obviously very at ease, not in the mountains near Pitt leaving more troops guard.
Plains gang came near a crossroads, hiding in the tall grass extraordinary lumbar plexus closely watching the situation junctions. At the crossroads about nearly a hundred soldiers stationed in twos and threes standing roadside, blowing cow, dozed.
“little master, in front of the crossroads leading to rely on the Tigers into our fortress, straight ahead towards the tiger tribe former camp, the right piece of straight dark orc army is gathering place, and only the left side of the road is Probe not clear where it goes under, it’s very heavy magic gas inaccessible. “Magic Mountain pills made a very detailed report to the Plains.
“because we are the ones to strip?” Sai Liya whispered inquired.
Plains bow thought, to tell their own opinions. “Tiger fort direction not of it, since the last time they endure Wei able to successfully reach the dark forces stationed orcs, get information, indicating where the defense is very relaxed, we just sent personally led the Magic Mountain pills made over the past ten endure assassination where darkness Methodist Master, I believe we can succeed. to the old tiger tribe camp and another road exploratory well worth it, should have discovered. “
hear everyone agrees Plains are saying little, then a brigade from the direction of the board team fortress over the Tigers, being guarded darkness orcs stopped, although some distance away, but the orcs unique sound or light crude for all people hear clearly.
“Stop, what people?” one of the soldiers look like dark orc head spoke up, the other guard soldiers also raised his arms to block his path.
“We are the team’s corpse, for delivery to the masters.” Dark Orc these plates is also the team captain answered.
“corpse Team ah, ha ha, sorry check.”
“check it …” corpse captain waved at each other blankly.
head with a few soldiers guarding the front of the few guards in black cloth plate to open the car, a strong foul odor which rushed out, the smell of the wind blown hiding in the bushes in the crowd that allow them Direct want to vomit. With a few rotting limbs knocked off guard soldiers who turned out dray outside.
“Hey, do not shuffle, and the whole thing broke, masters will be unhappy.” corpse captain frowned.
seems to fear these dark orc compare what those masters, in casually let the corpse turned a few teams passed. Corpse captain did not even re-covered cloth, then commanded his men to move forward, take the direction of the guard who did not check what forbearance clear that road.
to so many dead bodies do? This allows Plains leopard family remembered their territory at night and carrion in the battle. It seems that there must have a secret we want! Pondered Plains want a good future course of action.
“Magic Mountain pills made, you just press the proposed forbearance with ten dive into the dark orc Methodist camp look for opportunities to kill each other as much as possible of the dark mage, whatever the circumstances, must be withdrawn tomorrow morning Pete Hill we gather. “
“is …” Magic Mountain pills made immediately after the convening of the forbearance guard kicked off, a family of ghosts who obey the owner’s commands, make every effort to complete enough.
“Yaya, you take the mountain Kazuo Wada, day discrimination Saburo and 15 small tolerance Wei, secretly stationed dive into the tiger tribe to go check, pay attention to safety, as is the gathering place back before noon tomorrow.”
“Yes, that Plains How about you?” Sai Liya nodded, some worry inquiry.
“I want to check the door to the dark mage to send the bodies in the end is what is the use.”
“That you have only this one is not dangerous? guard you with a few bear it, Kazuo Wada also with the mountain.”
“It does not matter, I took too likely to expose people to the contrary, where the dark magic is strong. Your task is also very dangerous, I am more at ease with Yamada point.”
Sai Liya thought nodded, parting soon Sai Liya also gave a shy kiss under the initiative Plains. “You have to be careful ah!”
“Well, you be careful, peace back!”
“Mr. Day manifold, Yamada general, Yaya handed to you.”
“Do not worry …” Mountain Kazuo Wada smiled, day discrepancy is small Saburo Plains silently patted the shoulder followed to leave.
here is indeed very powerful dark magic, traveled a long way, the Plains, who clearly felt that the gradual strengthening of the forces of darkness, several forbearance guard gradually increased respiration, sweat from his face shed Yagyu Mi-generation , his face pale slowly getting up. After
further efforts forward journey, a black castle appeared. Castle around craggy rocks, grass, only a few black griffin screamed flying. City wide open, dozens of dark orc corpse which was carrying the team just shipped to the body. Over the castle, was kept tumbling chunks of black clouds shrouded, which was dark, strange exception.
Plains looked at the people around him, and forbearance guard who arrived here apparently has the ability to limit, their shortness of breath, sweat clothes are soaked. Mi-generation case Yagyu slightly better, but became pale, and big drops of sweat dripping down her cheeks, brow wrinkled, dark magic seems to affect their relatively large.
Plains pity help Yagyu Mi-generation wipe sweat from his forehead, making her delicate pale face appeared a dead Jiao Hong, to be not a good flavor.
“Ryan, how do we go? magic too strong here, I’m afraid we’ll close it will be found!” as per the city’s Tianhe East Japanese, Yagyu Mi-generation did not join the army, but also the Sai Liya friends, so she followed Sai Liya together Plains as Ryan said.
Yagyu Mi-generation deep breath, make efforts to stimulate the forces of darkness are restless calm down “Well, Yes it is, literally over the present situation is indeed impossible. how to do it?” Plains can not help but do nothing .
calm down Yagyu Mi-generation discovered a problem. “Ryan, you did not seem to be affected by the forces of darkness, ah?”
“! Yes ah” Plains carefully detectors of your own body, what impact does not have breathing steady, the body’s energy is also not inconsistent with dark magic, are still cheerful flowing.
how this is going? Plains calm down and lost in thought, is difficult because of the relationship of energy to the body? Plains seemed to answer questions like, long silence unusual energy body active again.
“energy body?” Plains of mind induced a gradual recovery of the energy body.
“Yes, Master, I have sensed your question.” returning to the voice sounded again.
“Why am I not affected by dark magic?”
“That is because I belong to the magic and the dark form of energy, and I itself is composed by a variety of energy, so when dark magic into your body, it will be me and be sensitive to the fusion.”
“You mean you can put the external energy, such as magic, finance for its own purposes?”
“Yes, basically the same, but it is also limited, too powerful fusion is no way I am.”
“That I can control these energy?”
“Yes, as long as after my conversion, you’ll be able to use these forces, but if you just want to use the forces of darkness, I can only master the outer body appears dark features, and can not directly use the energy.”
“Oh, that is a false appearance of myself?” Plains somewhat understand.
“deification armor what else functionality? addition to lightning guns and Lanyu?” Plains is also eager to find out which is attached to the body of the energy body also what function.
“according to the previous owner of wars, do not spend many capabilities.”
“Oh those? tell me!” Plains somewhat excited.
“according to the owner’s ability to now should be able to use the metamorphosis and Aegis.”
“illusion? Aegis? clear point.”
“As long as the owner can concentrate on the exterior appearance of the metamorphosis of all races, but when the owner of the spiritual power of low and half the time it will lift its own metamorphosis. Aegis is that you can change the unbreakable shield in hand, defense Master intensity as limiting their ability. “
“But looks are turned out of the blue, is very easy to be recognized, ah?” Plains Although happy to know that the new capabilities, but also found a very serious problem, no matter what each deification of weapons or armor are blue.
“This is as long as the owner wants to use the mental strength to focus imagine you can change the color, finish and now according to the owner’s ability to

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, To save being deceived do not know, all thought this was a good man. “And back against Zou Momo laughed:” You have some years in our house, right? You know, I always was their words. You may want a good chance only once. “
Ms. Xia Xia Ruixi felt that smile, how are cold inside my heart, and help hold the arms of the more Shoulu. She can not imagine that one day, Ms. Xia they know her true identity, how will she? I’m afraid fried roasted too.
look Xia Ruibei long been Ms. Xia’s something contrived look tired, forget the red child was beaten, forgot her grievances, single-minded head down I do not know what to think.
her body out of the yard door, far to see Wang Fu of Ms. Xia Lao over. Busy with a smile came to salute, Wang head towards her face   catch a slap: “Today, you little slut in front of the old lady’s face will make it clear who gave you the courage to let you dare to bully me! the head is coming! “
her body today is Wang’s second hit, Pu Susu tears to fall down, his face is still smiling: “Slaves to the old lady greeting, to the great lady greeting.”
old lady faucet crutches Wangdishangyi Dayton, Wang a white, self-help a girl to go inside. Ms. Xia received the letter earlier, headlong to welcome out. Fell quietly, from leisurely to say hello to the old lady and salute Wang, Grace Wang tolerance and a level of more than met immediately.
old lady sighed into the yard sitting on the theme, majesty, said:. “I do not want control of these big deal, older, old, just as one asked the Buddha, just home to the well-being of the family home you, I was assured, but your sister says Chow fear there is something wrong with this place, afraid you blinded by the Men Do not Cry, improper disposal of jewels ask me. you busy for you, I looked at that. “
Ms. Xia laughed: “Niangshui was extremely yes, daughter also afraid of what this thing out of trouble it has taken into account if the person sending the hall, and also a good light if she is willing to move, and where we dispose of it in the most. well, this is not just that allow her body to please sister-in-law’s. “
“then you would say a good word.” Wang secretly snorts, said:. “Chow, what is your grievance just to say, the old lady and I’m bound to make decisions for you.”
old lady saw two daughter stood and patted the side of the chair:. “all sit down to say.”
Wang bluntly sat picking up the left side, Ms. Xia was standing still. Old lady humanity: “second home, how not to sit?”
Ms. Xia with smiles: “It’s cold cold ground, alerted the mother, is not the daughter, the daughter can not sit.”
old lady Lengheng loudly: “I will let you sit you sit, stand,cheap canada goose, where to look when there is a family!”
Ms. Xia old lady who got this sentence, had just sat down: “Chow, the things you have done to provoke grievances under one say wrong, I absolutely will not wronged you but if it is nonsense to deny, first on his wife. The first one does not spare you, is not it? sister? “
Wang teeth and said: “It is natural!”
Chow Wang,canada goose outlet, please see the old lady come,canada goose jackets, Ms. Xia for the old lady is so humble, early move the mind, not to Kunshouyoudou back? She figured, Ms. Xia Wang’s face in spite of the old lady who can not disregard relatives face, how to stay two points will give Wang’s face. Besides, she had not long room it? Knee three sons, is all an adult, and two-bedroom here, but only a young REnex  k, the old lady whose heart is not biased Wang, also migraine that three grandchildren, he made up his mind to be retracted.

XXV trap
Wang impatient, low cough loudly remind Zou Momo fast talking. Station
Zou Momo bowed respectfully in front of the old lady said: “The old lady intrinsic capacity, slaves have grievances should be reported.”
old lady lift lifting eyelids, Wang said: “There is talk soon to say what  winded!?!”
Zou Momo pointed to the bag of gold and silver valuables, crying tears torrential, as if by a big grievance: “These things are obviously big reward lady, I do not know why, her body insisted that slaves stolen, will be send slaves before the magistrate, slaves wronged ah! wronged if two masters, slaves it would not dare to say anything, but a general minions and slaves, but also to innocent slaves, slaves really swallow it. slaves clear white, but bear this accusation to make slaves, slaves bear this accusation, but worth mentioning, and hurt a great lady ah. Mrs. ah, are not slaves, allowing you to lose face. “
Ms. Xia Zou Momo looked calm, like in the theater, his face placid. Wang is some pride, just look at how to deal with the old lady.
old lady humanity: “The old people, and these things really are your reward for it?” Wang wanted to seize power is not headed
day two days, and two-bedroom off the face bent to depress Scharf people to what it considered the idea of ​​money, etc. She was later re-Chow wants to pack a good bite of the teeth: “Yes daughter reward. Otherwise, such a large number of things gone, I wonder why would the daughter? long cried out.”
a time, everyone looking different. If, Zou Momo estoppel is an ironclad thing, while two-bedroom wronged long room is also true that the things. In fact, the summer house everyone know for a fact, she had not seen the room thing, it is entirely possible that she did not know where to go, do not shout out, because she had a super family room thief – Summer uncle.
Xia Ruibei tempted to open pierce this paper, he was a stern eye Ms. Xia wind scared Bijin mouth, not willing to stubbornly staring Zou Momo and Wang.
old lady watching Ms. Xiang Xia: “second home, it seems that a misunderstanding, you see, is not it?” obvious to all, is clearly in the harbor Zou Momo Wang, this is not the old lady to impartially disposal but to half-hearted, harboring eldest son and daughter of big.
But Ms. Xia has been shot, broken no truth without success, or after she took no less than Wang, but also how when this home? Moment gently smile: “If you really sister tour, I was naturally nothing to say but it was emphatic identified Chow is a thief, they found something precious, Jin jewelry attached to four of those gold and silver girl. ingots, enough for a family of ten comfortably over a lifetime and I wondered, though our family is not used to the frugal, but never so much money reward servant had precedent, I know, mother There is most important, but also twelve silver only, sister usually they are just one or two ounces of silver things, and that did not get the elders to four girl’s gift to reward I truth, so it played a sister suspicious, inappropriate, but please do not take offense sister. “
Wang Leng Heng, lifted his chin proudly: “My family four girl stuff, how to do it how I want to do, how much money does my reward I, brothers and sisters have to pipe?”
Ms. Xia smiled without a word, the old lady face was slightly changed, dropped his eyes.
Scharf people and said: “Please look at the sister, your reward stuff in there yet there is a shortage of available inventory Well, I may have to go back??.”
Wang know where some of which in the end something, just know that Ms. Xia to do to bring the stolen goods, nature is better, but her body hands are clean, nothing broken fewer truth. Casually glanced nod:. “Is such a”
Ms. Xia seriously: “The sister look, really gone?”
Wang impatiently: “look, I give something, can not remember where the truth?”
Scharf humanity: “Well, I really children, these things you register it, so we are renowned for the future, but also innocent Chow.”
true child really put down the pen on paper. Ms. Xia handed Wang, Wang rolled his eyes: “I do not recognize it recognize literacy, write down what to do.?”
Ms. Xia laughed: “down good, to forget the time of the re-read it, I can not listen to his wife, sister sure..”
Wang frowning, patiently listening to: “That’s it.”
Ms. Xia smiling and handed the paper that really child away, and asked the crowd: “? You heard clearly and so I just thought of these things are rewarded big Mrs. Chow, and later renowned not make a fuss.”
all the furniture should be a.
Xia Ruixi understand it, I’m afraid is falling Ruxia Fu Wang man trap, she can not read, can other people know about it, besides Ms. Xia also find so many witnesses. Sure enough, her body to the ground timid: “Lady, there is a bag of it, you forget?”
Scharf people stare at her body one: “! said that before I have a bad memory, you can not remember to remind me, what do you support?” Then took her body in the hands of the bag, do not open, a faint smile Wang looked at, “his wife, there are also some things that his wife think about? reward if it is not his wife, that is, less than Chow greedy, stealing a.”
Wang blushed and pointed to the bag, speechless, just watching 邹嬷嬷 said:. “My memory is not very good, perhaps, as well forget about the”
Ms. Xia I did not have that patience to wait for her two collusion, smiled and said: “I almost forgot, today early in the morning, Cui Yuan saw there in the corner gate, two sneaky people, only when it is a thief, and they say Chow is looking for. said that Chow today promised to give them to buy two baby. Cui Yuan put up those two charges, this time just deal with these things together. if nothing to do with Chow, beating early Some send official Cui Yuan, to bring people to. “
several servant charge a man and a woman came in, the door on the front above the fierce kowtow, screaming injustice.
“What is called! Wait a minute went Yamen, its own when you called!” Cui Yuan soon Bao, two were scared silent sound.
Scharf who asked the two parties: “Who are you looking for?”
the men glanced quickly, pointing Chow:. “She is what she’s there for us.”
Ms. Xia snapped: “Chow you see, you can know that the two!?”
ranging Chow replied that the two shouted:. “Zou’s, not you, but you have to admit something to sell to us, we can not and you stole together.”
Zou Momo sweeping this duo, early alarmed, Jiaoruan dizziness, almost barely. She knew his every move off the people’s eye early, alone waiting for this opportunity to expose out of it in one fell swoop. Look Scharf person means love to know today is how to go can not escape, the moment desperately kowtow to how he stole 夏瑞薇 things out of the room and Wang to sell, sell what people sell much money, Where Tibetan silver, including her usual provocative girl Old Woman who fights things Yiwuyishi recruited.
old lady in front of Wang Lengheng loudly: “! Wang sent you is probably a good minions ah deliberately sent scourge in our house.”
words is somewhat heavy, Wang realized they dug their own people are jumping into the pit, do not say Chow thief, she harbored thing, a single girl Old Woman Chow provoke fights, how she can not avoid Under a rule drifted lax. She felt all the servants see their eyes are naked contempt, anger dizzy moment, pointing Zou Momo, sat crumbling, two on the turn, eye fainted.
Xia Ruibei screamed rush hold her: “Yeah, well great aunt fainted again Get out needles ready!..” soft voice advised: “The great aunt, we all know you are soft-hearted, you do not to the air with a Zippo Multi worth ah. “
really true child pick out a pack of needles, Xia Ruibei embarrassed holding a thick needles gestures over the past gestures:. “great aunt, you should never endured the last time you fainted, my father You give people stabbed, and I think it points to is not so accurate. thorn in the wrong place can bear the pain. “Wang Wen Yan, Ji Ling, stabilize the mind did not dare to install dizzy, and my heart this vicious hate 夏瑞蓓girl. She said the results do come to know Xia Ruibei themselves if it is really dizzy, not knowing where she was greeted Xia Ruibei it will go. Unexpectedly, a wild girl just turned two-bedroom properties, but also out of a vicious girl.
Xia Ruixi Xiarui Bei has never felt so lovely too. She is usually no less Wang laughed marry the old maid, was no less Wang nausea before, and now a little way out of a foul smells. Sure enough Tianlizhaozhang wicked wicked own mill.
Ms. Xia asked softly: “Mother, do you think this thing ……?”
old lady eyelids drooping, if not reversed hands constantly pulling the rosary, I thought she was asleep for a long while before saying:. “You Alone, you figure it out the old woman tired of it” stood quivering , facing Wang low swore: “!’s not a thing” escorted the girl went away.
Ms. Xia looked at her back, his eyes flashed a cold light, sweet smiling face is still humble,. “mother daughter escort” and the figure of the old lady who just left the courtyard, she looked back and said: “sister, Chow is really heinous, fooled you did not say, but also depriving you almost fainted, wait a minute you can not Qingrao her. ” Wang
not that sound scolding from the old lady in Huiguo Shen, see also the Ms. Xia sweet smile, trembling lips, face burst red burst of white, speechless with rage, Ms. Xia are like no: “I see, or I put the finishing side of things, and then tied the room to his wife, sister and then slowly dispose of it free.” went to sit up, “her body, now we have not previously disposal After the disposal of the matter. red children can not speak? let Tweety and good child that good. “
here in an orderly manner, the tea on her body was attentive to Wang. Wang pins and needles, all face was discreditable, determined to go, and was Scharf who pulled: “? Sister wait to see if I can dispose of properly.”
red child is naturally no longer stay, even life is there are maybe. Tweety and good child fined six-month money, at any rate has not been cast out. Then, Ms. Xia Xia Ruixi and Xia Ruibei forward the call, cold tunnel: “You shall surely be under strict only came up with this and so there is no decent thing, you say, what to do with you two?”
Xia Ruixi whispered: “My daughter admitted the mistake, please Niangqin disposition is.”
Xia Ruibei also obey authentic: “Please Niangqin disposal, no there is not from her.”
Ms. Xia smiled: “Well, two months is also fine you money monthly, the meditation was copied twenty times, off-limits and a half months after you to keep in mind, we pass on the summer home of the poetry, he shall not allow this. etc. happen again “back to Wang said:.”? sister, may you feel so disposed of properly. ” niece children under
lax governance, yet suffered such punishment, that he is older, but also from his own scandal out here, how should own? Ms. Xia Wang just felt every word in their own stamp on the chest son, pointing to Ms. Xia, breath able to come and really dizzy.
Ms. Xia Wang returned to her room personally, it makes the red child, Tweety, good children carried away to recuperate, the Chow tied shut up and do not mention. Xia Ruixi followed Xia Ruibei behind, along with the crowd hectic. After this, she told Ms. Xia admire more on a level.
Twenty-six chapters painstakingly

Xia Ruixi know contradiction between the long room and bedroom, for a long time, usually on the size of the conflict. Stop this thing, but Scharf who designed, patiently waiting for a long time, completely blow a chance Wang Bale. This time is the right time, not to mention Wang, she is not to create trouble, Ms. Xia will create a chance out of trouble she cited.
Xia Dabo has always been a dandy, like walking the dog is cockfighting, gambling and drinking Huajiu people, no money at home everywhere pilfering, who cares if you are an old man’s room, room or brothers, renowned for it bring. Wang love with the Joneses Fu fighting, holding high tread low, soft ears, and is useless. Partial her good luck, attached birth to three children

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Came the crowd shouted overturned! That violent energy that swept rising, as if to tear the sky, cracked earth, the Great Plains in the chaos, leaving a permanent scar deeply hurt ……
shaven cheeks stinging people fled in horror,canada goose jackets, only narrowed his eyes, can not wait more than two legs to give birth, not even looking back at what happened that clash.
silver soul shine, the explosion of energy, like muffled thunder uttered a deep loud!

between heaven and earth, a carnage!

until smooth violent winds down, scattered escape Fang dare look back gingerly on one.

energy storm spread a little, you can clearly see the huge master dyke standing in front of two Hydra imperial figure.

one whole body covered with ice blue armor, blue hair blue eyes, beautiful face, look extremely cold, the body constantly pouring cold silver soul force and the colorful battle armor each other, forming a crystal clear vision through other effect, the United States and to the extreme, almost took the human eye to see.

another man,cheap canada goose, wearing a red fine armor, a silver gun in hand while flying volley long black hair,canada goose outlet, the same cold stunning, ear pendant earrings with purple gently swaying, looks a bit flirtatious feeling, but but who exudes breathtaking overbearing forceful momentum.

each other a look, Mouzhong shimmering light, eyes and swayed in each other’s appearance at this time, Xiao Qing proud of wind and Barry each heart praise loudly.

proud of wind sighed Barry Qing Xiao stunning deserved reputation, he now looks like the real cold aloof, breathtaking, and Barry Xiao Qing is tan, wearing a red armor wind proud look, really only in order to describe the amazing visual impact is not nothing under him.

at their feet, is entirely a Shura hell.

a chill over the outside battlefield littered with corpses, bloody floor, I’m afraid before the war, who would not expect that it will be based on the outcome of this end.

Babel city of millions of people stunned spectators!

banished to the thirty-third chapter of the metamorphosis of fame
“how could that be?”

“It’s not true ……!
After a moment of silence
countless surprised scream almost blurted out, one after another voice form an uproar from the battlefield to the outside corner of the match in the Pakistani city people can not help but mercilessly rubbed his eyes or jump feet, almost all been suffered a mental illness!
This scene is too
than anyone expected it!

Although people saw Barry’s slightly Lengzheng Xiao Qing, but almost no one of them still have hope.

look at the disparity in power now, Wan Mei Guo Ping lords lords and comprehend the esoteric are strong, even if not on earth standings, interior doors were also counted in the high status of the characters, some confusion on the Great Plains is not yet Both of these know, there is another strong level of five lords, that are all genuine lord ah!

But now, one can not display the power of the soul God Emperor, a well-known waste lords, even so the strong level of the seven lords kill it! Under that terrible beast Hydra rejoice imperial attack, casualties of God Emperor, God Emperor countless more!

this result, almost all people are dazed and frightened eyes stared straight up.

to do such a terrible ah! These two guys even eat a powerful aphrodisiac, nor with so fierce!

“I …… I just heard, Wan Mei cried before dying Lord, God Emperor guns that combines the Overlord gun tactic!” an escape from the battlefield just God Emperor cried out in the chaos of the crowd. It just reminded everyone around, Wan Mei Sheng lords have heard a lot of people, when those people surviving on chaotic rushes to talk to them.

“ah, I have heard!!”

“And I, I thought it was an illusion, but now look at this result, I am afraid that is not necessarily false ah.

“too exaggerated, to use esoteric God Emperor, also called the God Emperor it! And she defeated or that comprehend the profound meaning of Wan Mei lord ah, what a freak?”

“by really never seen such a perverted God Emperor, later called him ‘perverted God Emperor, had”

“And that Barry Qing Xiao, obviously wastes come forward, all of a sudden this actually kill three lords, it must be someone he was an expert shot off quality improvement.”

“God, now Barry brothers are so tough, and this’ perverted God Emperor, and helped clear Barry Shaw, confusion Great Plains going to change it ……”

do mouth interweaves an uproar of voices, the name “perverted God Emperor” and has been recognized by the masses collective Needless few days, this name is probably going to disturb the world, and can confront Lord God Emperor, dozens of years has never had.

proud that the wind did not mind the subject of worship, all the loot away, then grabbed a sideways Barry Xiao Qing, the people will be in the air abruptly disappeared, she did not want the image to be recorded, otherwise there is no guarantee That is not seen his Haitian identified.

looked proud distant disappeared in the direction of wind, head of the city, with the same color blue surprise ni wry smile and shook his head, and said look at the thirteen brother face favor of it, I did not realize the knife was actually in the hands of shadow did not even have a chance shot. This little guy is now actually a blend of Overlord gun tactics, equal mastered two esoteric, another Thoroughbred hydra imperial terror as World of Warcraft, enough to pose a threat to the master list.

Flying Blue ni hands away, wistfully: “So a war, chaos Great Plains other forces can no longer continue to calm down, the other two are Barry door annexation forces or other forces to carve two hundred miles door, which probably will be the decisive battle of the Great Plains thorough reshuffle chaos …… “

looked up at the sky, pretty woman smiled: “the little guy, I wish you good luck.” June – the first text * Text

proud of the wind is not known, self henceforth became “abnormal” word spokesperson, this war began, her metamorphosis from well-known people of the world ……

this time, the wind is proud FY Xiao Qing palace and two hundred miles to divide the spoils.

Xiao Xiao dark shadow brothers had long been in the hands of her income came in three of the proud wind down this situation the government is not too surprising, general refining division will be hands-refining sites, they have seen too many just not proud of the wind fills the mansion so beautiful and practical.

proud of wind energy in the know after refining jewels lord, this guy is to come up with more lords jewels, Barry Qing Xiao trio also feel numb.

overwhelmed killed seven lords lords are among the only Wan Pang Mei beast, the rest are all human lords, proud of the wind on the much smaller harvest, that Wan Mei lords still blew the last minute, and even the soul beads also nothing left, leaving only a pile of lords inner alchemy and space ring.

money and lower the magic is of no use to her, proud of wind peremptorily children threw Barry Qing Xiao, as long as a kindred fire parameters.

Barry Qing Xiao know so proud of wind mixing device division is impossible short of money, but still could not help the hearts moved.

Barry doors so big forces really need money to maintain his door as underboss Barry, the hands are a little wealth and no, you can see the inside of the door Barry economic tensions, and all these years to be in Under enormous pressure to survive vine palace and YQ were down, in fact, is not easy.

“chasing the clouds, in fact, I always ask How about you, which is a good thing though fire parameters, can in the end only a few weeks to improve the strength of Warcraft, if the card can not make the Ninth place Warcraft evolution, more than just a few years practicing can achieve, why you pay much attention to ah? also something specifically for this set a trap waiting for that Wan Mei lords, with your money to get the same effect herbal or spiritual fruit is not said than done. “Barry Xiao Qing Some strange.

“plant, the fruit and a lot of the same utility, but with another herb blend, making Eudemons catch up the strength of the first order, only it.” proud right hand holding fire Participation wind gently smile, right Qingtai, not through another crystal microstrip lines cold herbs will appear on the left hand.

appears this strain herbs, immediately attracted a trio of consternation Barry Xiao Qing voice: “! Xuelingzhi God, you really put together these two things, ah!”

Barry Qing Xiao understand, no wonder so proud of wind parameters anxious to fire it, with snow fungus, the value of these things a few times on a rose.

“really put together, but now can not use.” proud of the wind by the press arms are constantly disturbed subdivision squirmy little nine, in turn two herbs close up.

“whining, I want to eat.!” little nine grievances with pitiful eyes looked proud of the wind, waving little tail wind for acoustic proud of: “red brother is Chixue unicorn, the Hugh tough, what herbs are useless to him, Mom, you gave me to eat them. “

“small family volts, do not worry, good things to eat, do not contribute can not ah.” proud of the wind to touch little nine, faint smiles: “Although this time we are famous, but also get a lot of benefits, relative , will give Barry the door to great trouble, once you dose this stuff, fusion will take some time, how to help me fight went, until Barry door, calm down and then taking the evolutionary too late ah. “

quite proud of the wind a hunch, this little nine will have a great evolutionary change, in fact, should have had a small nine adults, and can be fused soul because the ball has yet to sign an adult, refining the soul inherited ancient blood, will be in order when Jin into the real lords of adulthood, it will lead to extremely powerful mine robbery,

For this mine robbery, proud air inside was a little worried. ! “To be honest, my brother should now receive a message, do not know if he would be happy for me.” Barry Qing Xiao deserted strands of warm meaning face again.

smiled and patted his shoulder proud of the wind and said:. “pleased to be certain, but we come back, if not earlier Barry Town, he will become worried about the happy”

“Our strength rose, must make them feel quite big crisis, you, me, your brother to come together if Barry Warriors, then chaos Great Plains could really going to change, they will not let We easily return to Barry who are more likely to direct attacks against Barry Gate “Here, look proud of the wind is a positive:.” That, after all, the two forces deep inside, is not to be trifled with fruit, but lately continent parties gathered experts here, do not know they have to recruit other strong, your brother Barry on the door but you only two lords, that the two sides together, I’m afraid your brother to a headache for quite a while.

Barry Qing Xiao Ao knew the wind said is true, nodded and said: “That we hurry to Barry Town bar, jade, fall away from the palace and vines were compared to the past where a lot of us here, I’m afraid they send troops quickly, We have not arrived at my brother was attacked them. overwhelmed fixed already, a move will be to my door completely Barry destruction, their experts will certainly be out in force! “

“your brother’s list ranking comparable to that of the main two much, do not worry, they’ll hesitate for a while before dispatch, we can catch up to your brother’s strength can run really beat thing.” mouth comfort His one, proud of wind pushed the situation the government to accelerate toward the northern flying away.

this time, the chaos of the Great Plains where the parties already know the tragic forces sensational shootout occurred outside the city of Babel that day, and soon their actions together secretly.

chaos Great Plains allows the coexistence of the pack, but can not tolerate the sudden emergence of a force, which is always the unspoken rules, this piece of oil-rich areas, many of the strong will of course attract jealous, if there are forces which side edge too exposed, vulnerable to confusion on the Great Plains in the siege of all lords crusade!

had a lot of very powerful forces in the rise of the Great Plains this disorder, there are many forces demise, still no place to really unify this piece, it is because the existence of this unspoken rule.

Yu Qiu Yuqing soul and vines were sovereign government palace main Teng Zhou also reached an agreement on this day, and shouted, and called the whole mess in the Great Plains forces.

collective soldiers sent Barry door!

whole plain below this message up fiercely turbulent heart
proud of wind, in the chaos of the Great Plains messy situation Adds a fire, but this time, no one knew it would be after the destruction of fire or newborn!

reputation moving first chapter upheaval

Great Plains confusion, chaos all.

is to remove the sky outside the city’s most famous metropolis on the plains of the Great Plains confusion, very busy, because it is here at the junction of the three parties vine palace, YQ cases and Barry doors, cohabitation, people greatly. Have to go from chaos to the southwest, is the vine palace, to the southeast, is YQ cases, a large inverted triangle in northern areas cut off the feet of the door is the sphere of influence of Barry, and Barry doors further north, where the collar is King .

three forces converge in one point, in the middle will be vacated no small natural areas, some small forces on the plains would harm in these places, according to the king, do not bother to trade between the message ran the city of Babel, they are in chaos are within, hence, are not part of any chaos forces, strong parties gathered, what kind of people have.

Unlike Babel city is chaotic capital city of Babel strict doctrine and the complete opposite of bloody chaos of darkness on the Great Plains where most vividly, snatch fight to kill the sort of thing often found missing.

now is the lights nightfall, chaos are famous among a large tavern, people were packed, noisy and constantly.
In fact, some of this affluent pub
like modern large hotel, the building was very grand, over 17 layers, far away you can see the pointy top of the building, interior Capacity great in this Octagon informed The confusion is, naturally is the most lively place.
17th Floor,
pub, just above the level of the God Emperor entertain strong environment is very elegant, this time in which there are many guests drink and chat.

“many lords and God Emperor strong ah, these people do not all rush to Barry Town, right?” among table near the window, blue hair, a beautiful woman gazing out the window, softly exclaimed.

looked down at this place, you can observe a very far place from time to time will be able to see a streamer from across the horizon, is undoubtedly one extremely powerful master, they are flying away towards the north.

Northern Territory extremely rare among women, which is a beautiful woman God Emperor-class strong, but the body seems river Warcraft, has long attracted many men were itching inside the building, and a woman opening a table next to him off-grid Biao strong guy came over on Da Lala laughed: “? course, is to Barry Town, how, you also miss thing.”

“is how?” suddenly a voice from the sidelines, purple hair handsome man slips a floor over the blue-haired woman, sharp eagle eye against that man cast cold eyes: “You are my fairy children have any ideas? “

purple-haired man heavily prominent “My Xianer” words, it is clear that the warning cast coveted around the eyes of people.

“uh, no no, just listen to your breath, do not seem to understand the situation, I just want you to explore and investigate.” Biao strong branching son heard a moment, smile apologetically two quickly hey, he could feel it Purple God Emperor haired man is also a strong level.

God Emperor of Warcraft is stronger than the rest of mankind, human beings have the same level master more powerful than most of the power can not provoke general people are reluctant to provoke.

purple-haired man grunted heavily, secretly depressed, since coming to the Northern Territory, was staring at his wife every day, the slightest mistake guys out there these damn loophole, it feels too bad! Pornographic or other end Beamon smart, stay in FY space, do not be afraid to repair Na to whom robbed.

purple-haired man in this tense appearance, prompting Xianer over her Yingtaoxiaokou live snicker.

Biao brawny discuss a dull child, was about to leave, but heard quite a low magnetic laughter came: “Under the crown, speaking our

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People are still many years of war, a close ally.

, as one,canada goose outlet, they invariably smiled again, when people meet the much earlier, almost did not say anything, and now back as if to open the flood gates, crashed all fell out.

rambling for a long time, immersed in the joy of reunion and excitement among the two talents Buddist pull back on the topic.

“killing day, light hung really is your brother? him before and I said he had a ‘brother’ like me, but it was you, uh,canada goose jackets, my brother, this kid is not time to feel that I am also a woman Men play it? he was too sensitive! “proud wind some sigh Mozhuoxiaba said, remembering the” Bald Eagle “is Qincheng shown signs in, it was missed.

just proud of how the wind did not expect the cloud is actually killing days! World,cheap canada goose, some coincidence, indeed clever people get speechless.

“My brother is very smart man, intuition is terrible, proud of the wind, you know my mind is not bad it may be my brother, but I feel better. was young, we work with the city in the clouds for the extraordinary talent of the people, with two world over, but I still remember him, and then our parents were killed in front of us, but also he calmly think of ways to deceive those who desire to kill us to take us out of the clouds and the sea Ge, then they shake off their designs that time, I was six, he was eleven years old, but his mind did not lose any adult, the day he was also strong bands playing around, but later in flight, he In order to distract pursuers, and I was lost, I heard him coming after the news to find him, the way snoop your message, but also he told me that you really are women, in Los Star City …… “cloud killing days pulled a smile, head of the moderate increasingly concentrated, and could see the cloud of light weight hung in her heart too heavy.

proud of wind suddenly wonder cloud killing day will find Luo went to Star City, she must be heard and their period of light hung “adultery” after the confirmation of David looking light, no wonder she is not surprising yourself this body of men dress, did not ask themselves how to wear became a “man” ……

“light hung good for you, right?” proud wind smiled, let cloud killing days very few people agree, unless of trouble with life and death, and she will not leave anyone to resign colors.

faint nod, cloud killing days although there is no change in the expression of indifference, but it is deep, thick voice: “He will always be my dearest brother, as you will always be my closest ally.”

proud wind curved eyebrows, hearts warm and comfortable, the most profound silence broke lips smile: “I guess before, your name and Genting day they like, they think you might be descendants of Cloud City But I also understand that even in the cloud city, you will try to find my whereabouts in recent years I have become famous glow continent, but he did not hear from you, I suspect you are in other planes, and did not Lift light hung over, asked him if earlier, maybe already know that you are a brother and sister. Yes, you both came from the cloud city, how the gods will go to the mainland to go? Northern Territory so dangerous place, how do you Walking past? year in Cloud City, is someone who persecute you what? “It is a light cloud hung once said, proud of how much wind the hearts of a few, probably the Cloud City of collateral and Orthodox dispute, could not help but have a bit of apprehension, Yun Qing Cang bad again, how also his grandfather, ah, say, but he told her to tolerate the extreme, if the light day and hung killing his enemies, and that may make a big fun.

“Nobody persecution, now three veins orthodoxy is probably our ‘brothers, and where also the wheel to get that cloud Mok!” the tone ray revealed the intention to kill, killing clouds cold day in the eyes of coldness emerged: “proud wind, this year you are in the cloud city, know that three veins man named Mo-day cloud? him now how is it? “

“cloud Mok?” proud wind and stared Deng Yanjing, it is not a coincidence!

“how, you know him?” cloud killing days puzzled.

“Hey, know, of course I know!” proud wind mouth twitched, while funny: “come here the first day, this guy was I fired up the air, passing burned Santo beard ……”

“that damn guy …… dead?” cloud killing days a moment, is very surprising, then again in the eyes of a burst of pleasure, pride took a heavy wind on the shoulder:! “Well, I kind of worthy comrades cloud killing days , uh, think, ah, I do not have hands, but you had accidentally help me and my brother avenged Mania although this is not enough, but also finally gave us a foul smells! “

slightly paused, strange cloud killing days and said: “Yes, that cloud engine Cang has always been so good to speak he cares about most of those doctrines, terribly stubborn, you kill in front of him and took his beard burned, he? how you did not like? also allows you to continue to afford to live here? “

“uh ……” proud to become obvious that the wind had laughed shaking his head: “That old guy …… …… my mother’s father was young my mother away from home, to get to know my father, and later because of this stubborn old guy was a difficult, so I’m not willing to admit this relationship, but he most loved my mother, me and my mother looked like, he is in love, to me, are more tolerant. “

cloud killing day again amazed almost blurted out: “? him …… he was your grandfather.”

her eyes proud of wind in the face of death STARE, who helplessly watched her smile, eyes sparkling crystal gloss, for a time, two people fell silent.

“killing days ……”

proud just to open the wind, cloud killing days but abruptly interrupted her: “Do not say sorry, you are in what the family is not able to decide.”

“But, but you’ll give up his hostility to me, is not it?” deep look at cloud killing day, proud of the wind whispered, she did not feel guilty because of contradictions, but understand that this life of her friend, priority will always be with her, resolved to not hurt her.

Yun Qing Cang even really her goal, she will give up.

between them, there is no misunderstanding, no conflict, no conflict, all the choices are so natural, so sure sure, without any consideration, clearly plainly.

is too clear, was more felt hearts sour.

“between you and me, need to say what these, again, I had not his goal.” cloud killing day looked proud wind faint smile: “No wonder that when my brother actually very serious and told me not right Santo cloud shot, turned out to be so. “

“light hung?” proud wind is robust, mind suddenly filled with infinite warmth, that kid, he did not even know the cloud is not his grandfather Qing Cang, just to Genting days a guess on that time so attention really ……

“proud of the wind, my brother, it looks like you got the idea for it.” cloud killing days pondering proud to laugh at the wind.

Cloud City Chapter XIX coincidence that the crisis exposed the (modified)

“. you tube not got the idea that he got the idea to me, or think about the person you want to deal with it,” proud of the wind handed over a “Mind your own business,” the supercilious, shrugged and then said: “You say Mania which is not enough, Mok should then cloud was a kid, someone should give him up behind bars? Yes, because his father and I want to get involved, Santo hit by clouds still lying in bed. “

this one really bad. Cloud-day silent killing, proud wind understatement to say that cloud engine Cang actually the first time that old fogy even face are not, for a good wind proud imagined.

“But the two men, it is not enough! then, my brother has set out on the road a message from the person who escorted our mouths, those who think that we are human death, but also a child naturally wary relax, tell I palpable. reason they are so bold, because it was backed in to the cloud Mok! “cloud killing days coldly hum, fiercely shot out from the heads explode.

“that person is three veins in power, too much on the three elders cloud together! He likes his grandson, and me and my brother are the lifeblood of one hundred and sixty generations later, his father was outside the city, including the cloud came superfluous , they think we mixed descent, did not qualify, and his favorite grandson fight, I was six years old in a dispute with the cloud Mok occurred after the discovery of my talent than my brother is also a terrorist, he vein systems under which we the hand. “

“within three generations of hundreds of people, full of distress, including our parents, all in front of us killed. Fortunately, my brother was born in collateral has awakened from childhood, through a variety of methods previously asked to be on a number of Cloud City The Confidential, I learned a little magic of God’s message of energy, in order to cut the crap just an excuse for those who take us out of the city to find the cloud. “

“to get rid of those people in order to conceal the identity of our brothers has been proportionate, so wandering on the mainland for a year, until the day the endless desert, we encountered a number of light magic house of clergy, who practice in four days to capture the thief High child, in order to distract them, leave my brother alone, we lost touch and I, under the cock, actually fell into a desert in the underground palace, happened when injured, blood dripping the ancient Chuansong Zhen, opened the seal hell black phoenix egg, black phoenix with my natal signed contract, that Chuan Songzhen sent me directly to the gods continent Phoenix Valley. then later things that you would have guessed it …… “

cloud killing days will tell what year is completed, the wind will fully understand the proud:?? “Cloud Sarkozy was his, oh, really unjust is doomed to destruction …… But how are you going to start work on the feast of the cloud , the fear is not so easy. “

cloud killing days Lengran:. “proud of the wind, you do not know it, this time coming, has always been my plan, and your grandfather is impossible to surrender to the gods of magic energy messengers of God come together, contain live Yun Qing Cang, I want hands that harder it? “

“plan?” proud of wind suddenly stared, it is not a coincidence: “Do not tell me that this news is you pull out ……”

cloud killing days indifference and said: “not completely crap, Cloud City already has so little news, I will use a little bit, to the gods, I learned that the magic of light and dark in the house to find that magic God energy, twenty years ago, the city seems to have pulled the cloud into which I will spread this message out, certainly the attention from the people, for their part, prefer to believe them not credible. “

“But God cloud Castellan pay no magic energy, they would not be reluctant to let go?”

cloud killing days sober and wise manner indifferent smile: “This is nothing down, light and dark messenger can be a humble messenger cable energy and dark matter, the light shines earth elements can be detected elves and magic energy of God, which is extremely expensive to recruit energy, but it can be the whole city was wrapped into the cloud, if the cloud is really no way to surrender Qing Cang something they should check it out together, and that time is not magic Energy Cloud City of God, then they will not continue to embarrass down. cloud Qing Cang strength, can also contain the number of people, but positive hostility, someone will come who will be slain, and who would not be willing to do this good deed goes unpunished. “

heard here, proud to wind almost danced a foot: “I …… I cross on a circle ah killing your day, you guys want to kill me ……!”

blinked curiously, strange cloud killing day and said:? “What are you afraid of what you kill, Cloud City and your grandfather will be fine.”

“! they are all right, but I have something ah” proud wind tears stared at her: “God phantom energy in my body that the two messengers to find a city in the clouds, I still maintained possession of it!? “

cloud killing day suddenly did not sound, full of shocked stare proud of the wind, the two 大眼瞪小眼, together dumbfounded.

world actually really so coincidental thing!

but both self-pity is not what people have been complaining about the reasons previously useless, since they consider ways to solve.

thought for a moment, the cloud killing Heaven: “do not hide hidden to your current strength, even hide what, do not forget that I will help you, and to you that your grandfather Beloved, do not be stand it? into your life and death, Ji Yong they will stand by it? As breathed a step further home, I can assure you he definitely helped us, that both the island and wind do not want to offend, I am afraid, stand . Such a calculation, our opponent is the temple of light magic, dark magic dragon valley temple there, my only worry is that my brother, his heart will inevitably toward you and me, but he can not go against the darkness of the great King’s command. “

“. could only go step by step the” proud eyes wind sank softly sighed: “True to that time, I am afraid that will be a tough battle, ah, I hope not too many accidents go out ……”

perennial bright horizon, clouds surging, as if heralded the advent of a terrible collision.

April, with spring.

city cloud city, a rare bustling, as the days of the past, experts have gathered in the city more and more and more, on the streets of the inner city, many places you can see the familiar faces.

original city was very tall people can be overwhelmed by the experts come there very many scary strong, common kings coming down strong order of God is also a lot of inner city children and their place on the streets again After the conflict, the cloud engine Cang issued a direct ban.
Cloud City Battle
younger prohibited happen with them, but also to the Thunder means that two executions were the order of God who come to make trouble, this time being awed by the scene, no one would have dared to make trouble.

but with more clouds approaching feast, any one who can detect a dangerous atmosphere is slowly approaching, there are also those who come to fight a lot of hatred between these clouds Qing Cang touches Regardless, they do not spread to their own cloud City people, cloud engine Cang also happy to see that they consume part of the force, so finally have to deal with yourself.

Hall among the guests, the house light magic rest home where a man suddenly came and let Fu Tai Lingbing quite surprised.

“are you?” watching pale shadow of the middle-aged man, 弗泰 heads reveal deep wiping a few light:. “I remember, you are cloud Santo people over there, as if the status is not low.”

next Lingbing quickly said: “The Messenger of adults, he is the brother of Santo cloud, cloud together.”

cloud is come together, but his arrival is very secretive until the close Lingbing was only two rooms they found God after all, is also the king of Qi cloud level, the other guards and staff come completely undetectable, while Fu Tai two did not quiet.

“You came here to us, there are events you?” so secretly come, probably never sent him Qing Cang cloud, then ……

Futai a blind eye, and smiled.

Yun Qi frankly faint smiles: “I came, and it is the messenger of adults do a deal.”


“Yes, I have recently Cloud City to many powerful strong, from their mouth, I briefly inquire into the original you adults actually comes from the distant continent gods, but also for the magic to the energy of God, I do not know I said that from time to time on? “

“how? Did you know that God insults bearing magic energy?” Ling cold brow pick pick.

“I do not know, I just know that magic energy of God is impossible in the cloud city, but my brother did not know the whereabouts of that stuff.” cloud Qi sneer. “Twenty years ago, should have heard the angel of light, my brother if I know where the magic energy of God, how could he not take it for the baby daughter?”

“We certainly understand that, in fact, something that we hope is not large newspaper, but the news came, the total can not be groundless, my God, do not miss the opportunity to get that little thing, I believe that a great king of darkness ., and the other is the same God, “Fu Tai paused, then slowly asked:” But since you do not know the news, what means that you do business with us? “

“God, I am willing to take refuge under the light of God’s light.” cloud Sarkozy took a deep breath, eyes flit crazy colors: “! However, I want to place it in the cloud Santo”

Fu Tai lengleleng, heads Jingmang big release!

to know Cloud City Hall has been the two magic beliefs in light of the continent extended piece of heart disease, there is a cloud in the city as long as a day of light magic temple fundamental

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Jade, jade it is, after all, is better than that worthless wood! No matter how carefully carving a wooden hairpin, he is dead wood in the end, be subject to abandonment, that feelings are, let people trampled! “

unique atmosphere around him, so familiar, magnolia bow wry smile, pretending not to know, turned it away. Only people who understand turning to a see through this false mask it.

text XXXI

only move Yi Rongshu people can easily see through this face mask of human skin. (Blooming romance net Www.60215.Com welcome you!)

wrist was hard to hold back, magnolia could not move, but it is not his head, he just does not see him. Her much doubt that she would like to ask that if he does not come to play, which is what to do?

“Why go?” he Dirou charm voice from behind, as if questioning, but also like the command, that wrist pain came exceptionally clear, in-depth bone marrow, deep sorrow.

“could there be, that wood hairpin, are humble let you see at a glance!” he asked, voice with banter pain, on the street, ignoring the will of her gripping.

Thus, it is full of lively people on the street, they began to heap up.

a man looking indifferent is a stunning woman to catch up, although it is not clear which of the men and women what happened, but that was from a woman in red double-dense eye, and people may feel pity tone sounds This white man to abandon his wife like a foot Ungrateful man.

So, on the street, that sadly buzz, change echoed around.

Manglietia a pain in my heart, and his every word she had engraved in my heart, faint turned around, just to see his twinkling eyelashes, starlight sun hung piecemeal, may reflect that tears child is about to fall pearly bright people like pain.

“You are not mistaken?” She tried to ask, also delighted the hearts of pain, so tangled almost let her breathe.

“Ha ha ha ……” veil of tears fall down the cheeks, his eyes flashing with pain, light laugh, “I gather that you want to discard bent!”

“The …… I think you really are mistaken!” magnolia cruel toss, move it out of his wrist, then, turned around, stepping away from the fast pace.

failing to hold him, step by step behind her, she was fast,canada goose jackets, he fast, she slowly, he is also slow.

In this regard, those lakes have also smiled changed later, after all, today is money embroidered Hills GongFu day, that the protagonist is the first beauty arena, Miss Qian Tai.

“How long you in the end with me?” did not go one step further, the heart like a cat scratch, every look back at him,cheap canada goose, she would have to hurt a bit. Turn several streets, back alleys come to that, she could not, he pulled out, low on the wall, sternly asked.

“It depends on you, in the end abandoned me how long?” he raising his hand, take off the surface, exposing goes extremely delicate face, already stained wet with tears, but stubborn mouth Raising a touch bitter smile.

hand propped walls, suddenly shaking a bit, she did not want to abandon him,canada goose outlet, and never intended to abandon him. But ……

parade gaze on his face, she suddenly sounded in the fire station that then swept the village, said the bearded, all dead ……

“Why are you still alive?” wrist abrupt turn, lifted her elbows pressed to his neck, the other hand, with the hairpin section of white against his neck, teeth whispered.

She has now said to himself, if he is dead, he is her husband magnolia forever. If he is alive, that she is bound hand edge of.

Today, he was alive, came to her, and a see through that Yi Rongshu, easy to her people out.

pale face while he did not struggle, that beautiful face float a trace of pain and feel expensive, a little shocked, second, he suddenly laughed and said, “So, you not only want to abandon me, would like to I’m dead! “

“Taiwan Chuang, Yen door overnight to be cruel bloodbath! there is no one to live, but, why do you live? Did you put Yan door? Or you and Yan door ……” bit his lip, she suddenly asked not to come out!

“You doubt me?”

“You told me how not doubt ……”

“Humph! Yen door you doubt me man?” He shook his head helplessly, “You’re my wife, is not it just duckweed If you love me, I will listen to calumny of others, even against your oath , I will discard you remember you are in full flower floor, what I say to you? you say, you forget to take me away! Do you remember what you said at the station village do?

as ink Heitong moment does not blink at her, his smile more pale and cool, like Kusi laugh, “” You say that you want me to do only in the eyes of my heart. Can be spoiled, but not tantrums, you said you would spoil me love me, you say I’m just your little goblins! But now, you will I stay in the inn, a man left alone, I count on you in the end what? “
magnolia beginning will know that day she did not intend to abandon him, never thought about it. But recently, many things happened, she really is difficult to rationalize, so it just took the test the.

“I have handed over all of your life, soul, and I, nothing in this world, only you nothing. If you doubt me, I suspect a relationship and Yan door, now you can take my life. “Then he closed his eyes, covered with tears eyelashes covered in beautiful face, mouth still keeping the TV drama heartbreaking smile.

hairpin holding hands kept shaking, saw him, her heart would have chaos, and that prior to straighten things again chaotic, always thought he was unruffled man, but he before, she would become irrational, lost mind.

“Why not get involved, but was stabbed one, even the lowly are unbearable feelings have been trampled if you are happy, you can eliminate the hearts of doubt, you will take it ……”

he warned, his tone is very dull, but it sounds, but it felt desperate.

trembling hand back, magnolia looked down at his hand hairpin, tight bit his lip, his mouth is sickening smell of blood ……

Why is this? Each time, when she was brave in the face, acknowledge and decided to take him to leave, it will be some shake her resolve things.

and this time she really was completely shaken, even feel tired, never too tired, too tired to want to want nothing, do not want anything to do, just one person to leave.

Shu Jing, I’m tired.

text of Chapter 32

narrow alley, magnolia leaning against the wall, without a trace of pale color, hand hairpin quietly put the cuffs, she did not say a word, but I suddenly felt tired. [Read read it, said small network Www.DuDu8.Net]

head down, eyes dazed looked at the ground, there is a feeling of exhaustion.

mind went blank, she does not want to think about.

love, is this feeling? She looked down smile, Shu Jing is right, that she would not fall in love with this person. Shu King is right, Shu King had deliberately lied to her, saying that she inadvertently let her heart to fight exclusion of others.
This is a ray of souls
her, but she does not belong to the world pictures of different things. If we had, she did not love him, is not it not for these things and tangled it.
neck suddenly gone, he slowly opened his eyes, looked at her powerless against the wall, looking down without saying a word, the sun falling from overhead vent, black hair scattered a shadow on her face, let him see her look.

“lady ……” He reached out and touched his neck, walked toward her, to pull her hand, but was her escape.

“Who are you in the end?” magnolia eye lift, quite a while asked.

“as husband ……” He paused, brow flicker of hesitation, “Lady, do not you forget that I am your little goblins.”

“Ha ha ha ……” Her smile, her face is very pale, silent again.

“You really and Yan door not?” alley door came a cold voice, magnolia looked up, walked over to see the white sword.

“is you!” goblin’s face awesomely beautiful passing touch of haze, deep pupil Mengran tightened gradually float intended to kill, and instantly the accumulation of years of ice, chill the heart.

that moment, magnolia seemed to see another shadow.

thin lips evoke a touch of banter, his eyes cold like frost, “you did together?! Ha ha ha.” like in the questioning, but also like a sigh, then he laughed his head a few times, infinitely desolate, after the laugh, he glared magnolia teeth, “I thought you were forced to, and show green leaves! Now, it seems, is what I think is wrong.”

hand clutching his chest, beautiful face more of a sad, watching the woman he remembered the first time she was desperate to save white scenario, think a lot of times, the scene in white stood beside her, he thought vowed to do his concubine scene.

original, white for her is so important? If not, why they did together. The thought that he looked up, looked at the sky, the clear eye Dangqi a green, instantly dies, he really was not in control of her.

ambient air cool down, white magnolia walked around, looked at the little goblins and said, “I just did not answer your question, is not it? Yan door in the end you and what relationship?”

this man, he had the attention, in Tianlao like electricity, like his speed, brow occasional flash of overtaxing the murderous, and that the world turned arrogant, and like the legendary man.

“Humph!” goblins Leng Heng, “Why should I answer your question. was clear white, I can understand that as long as a person.” says here, he looked at the moment does not blink magnolia, since the beginning of things , then there is no room for maneuver.

exposure while since he dared to look up to her, that he decided not to let her know that Yan Cardinal and goblins are the same person. She is worried about, as long as he is willing, you can erase this world without him Yen Cardinal failed to do, even if shrouded, he can.

“in the end he was not frank with you.” white sighed, watching the magnolia.

“nothing, do not say it!” interrupted by the sound of cold white magnolia, looked at the two men, leaning on the wall and turned and walked out, she wants to calm, be calm.

“lady ……”

“magnolia ……”

two voices simultaneously remembered from behind, magnolia back, “Who does not keep coming!”

her eyes flashed Lengran, staring at the goblin, “This thing, I know how to deal with! you also know how to deal with!”

her heart pimple, untied himself, and that she would wait for him. When he untied himself to help him, she wants much, is to him a confession!

If he has nothing, and Yan door, she tied the magnolia and his former life together also.

If he is, then what to do, how to do! Things that should be in relation to such treatment, is not it? Lengran eyes swept one red and one white, magnolia walked pace to leave.

still bustling alley outside, looked up, and saw the money they gave Villa a few golden characters, while front villa has a good frame covered with red lanterns table, below already full of people.

while on stage, it has been beat up, cut is unarmed. Seeking to escape the exhibition magnolia and willow green pine Italy, into the crowd, they found a big beard.

“how, you do not go?” magnolia smiled and asked.

“Hey! Wood Brothers, you just go?” bearded surprised and asked, have looked back in the direction she came, “the little lady do?”

“little lady?” magnolia suddenly, looked at the direction of the alley, said, “I do not know the little lady gone. situation is now on stage how ah? did not see how to use weapons? hand this man’s Yes! “

purple stage a young man, the body slender, agile, whether it is shot, or turn around fast, like a bolt of lightning, and punches stable, the force is also well controlled.

“little lady go?” bearded face has lost touch, and looked for a long time, only to see the ring, leisurely road, “Today is a big day money lords say, not blood, therefore go beyond that! you see this young man, is the new main gate Promise door just been defeated five opponents. “

“Oh!” magnolia nodded, lifted above the eye to see the ring, where strapped to a small platform above sitting with several men dressed, appears to be the GongFu witnesses, while Behind them another parked a red sedan chair, half-opened car door, hanging a string of crystal bead curtain, hidden inside that pink clothing woman. Languo breeze, that curtain slight shaking, trance revealing a pretty face.

body of the thirty-third chapter

“That is Miss Qian Da ah?” magnolia nodded his head, “it really is the first beauty arena. [read it novel network Www.DuDu8.Net] beard, you have to refuel ah, when it’s your turn on stage ah? can not miss oh! “

“I?” bearded slightly surprised a moment, looked at the stands that knocked down a dozen opponents not breathe loudly young man gulped, “I need to look at the skill of this young man!”

“Ha ha ha ……” magnolia laughed, “you will not be afraid of it?”

“afraid? joke, how I say this is the main Aoyama help, and we come out alive is the only person from Yan door men! and Hades are played face to face, what is there to fear?” Although he helped Castle plus He was only three people!

Yan door …… magnolia smile suddenly froze, and even see the ring of mind are not, bow touched the sleeve of the bird wood hairpin, magnolia intuitive dull glimmer across her chest.

goblins, I need you is a confession! Although she suspected, although a lot of things that he and Yan doors are related, but there is no conclusive evidence, and, if he confessed, he’s everything, it does not have solved it?

ponder Rooms, suddenly there came a sound of pain in the ring, but also a man lying on the ground, was carried down, and that purple man is dashing stormed, stood center stage, continue to wait.

“Excuse me, there did not dare to come to power?” purple man asked.

audience a quiet, no one answered, just head down talking about.

“beard, which you ……” magnolia sudden force of pulling a bit bearded arm, caught off guard, and that the pain of eating bearded shouted, “Yo!”

this on his voice as loud bell, plus eat the pain, the sound is even greater, aroused the audience’s attention.

“dare Xiongtai up please enlighten me, enlighten me!” purple man gentle smile, that dull face, can not see, there are no signs of exhaustion.

bearded not react immediately shocked, mended waist has been severely a pinch, and painful shout, “hey!”

“let you go then? main fact!” magnolia with a smile reminds us.

“done guys!” everyone suddenly followed the booing, that bearded face, a white, before we know the magnolia in the road, had to bite the bullet went straight up.

magnolia holding arm, with spectacular gesture, looking at the stage, I suddenly felt a burning eyes behind him, then the moment, she suddenly stalled heart, slowly back, really saw the crowd that touch of bright crimson, standing in the distance under a tree, the breeze lifted his beautiful gown.

in the afternoon sun

canada goose jackets

Dali, I did not realize the road was Tangmen men ambushed by Chen Jin Princess negligence injured back …… Jin Wang Dali minister blamed poorly protected, such as six months I never exchanges – which thing the whole story, please His Majesty Mingjian . “

emperor stammered: “So ……”

“Not so! you’re lying!” Plain Toffee outraged! She relied on the identity of toffee, harshly accused the Road, “Nine princes – you’re lying, and you have been talking about Ai Jia – Speaking ……” impassioned words, to the half, she suddenly choked.

section of East complex to come forward and stand, without the slightest waver.

Jinxiu is smile crept close to me, and moving lips whispered:. “She wanted to kill you are looking for nine Huangxiong, at the moment the unspeakable”

toffee hesitantly, see the emperor wonder.

“Toffee want to say anything?”

“Ai Jia, Ai Jia want, want ……” she hesitated, not knowing how to ease this sentence.

Su Hongying presence of all the population of the evil emperor nor blame …… he waited for the woman continued, embarrassment, re-connect the eastern section of toffee empress’s words: “Your Majesty, toffee again revealing the empress meaning,canada goose jackets, refers to Jin princess’s life experience. “

“Oh – yes, you are just talking about this in the end is what Jin Princess Jin Wang backing to make love head over heels??”

“It so happened -.” section of the East complex spy eye looked numb Dai Li lady,canada goose outlet, short laugh, “Jin Toffee Princess and Princess Goddess sake but also have blood hormone roots twenty years ago …… daughter. “

Put your left
Princess (2)


surprised not only the emperor, the presence of the princes were all amazed.

they Zhashe so funny reaction, segments and segment Jinxiu East Complex laugh.

emperor laments: “East complex, you can have error checking her …… she is the woman’s daughter?!?”

“Your Majesty, the minister did not dare to disinformation. This is fact.”

emperor shut up, he looked at the woman beside the seat, suddenly exclaimed:? “So …… Toffee is asked to find nine princes wonder of life experience this woman, actually make such a strange fate Wang Jin-touch on …… “

segment East complex Baoquan Zuo Yi said:. “Your Majesty, the late emperor had admiration prime roots, and now, Jinxiu and bright red snow after suffering can spend together – in fact, a story.”

nine princes say 1995 Supreme strange man smile.

“That being the case, Kam is Toffee Princess Goddess relatives – By Zhenkan, toffee definitely want to know the current situation of his sister, Jin Wang …… better to put your princess in the palace for a while, you see these days? “

listening to the emperor say, toffee strange laugh.

“Ai Jia is with this intention, it is better to stay in the palace let Jin Princess Ai Jia learn etiquette to follow ……”

my timid: This, this is not my right to stay in the jaws of death? Monarch of a country, actually asked out so shameless words …… actually hateful!

segment Jinxiu leisurely got up, Jin Pao slipped from him, shed charming atmosphere – filling his every action Yourou, gorgeous and moving.

he counterassaulted in front of me and pulled me up, and nine princes stood side by side.

“Your Majesty indulgence, unfortunately Chen Di and nine Huangxiong went to help the East, not the Aifei stay in Dali.”

“hey? Kam Wong this point was wrong, since you expedition out of your stay in Princess toffee side, toffee also helped take care of.”

“His Majesty the wrong Chen Di Aifei no ordinary woman, she used poison skill much stronger than Chen Di – East Xianhuang help small countries are most concerned about the war during his lifetime, nine expeditions East Rotary has repeatedly Huangxiong plunged enemy spirit, this time, Chen Di request Majesty promised to help East complex counterparts with Aifei king hand. “

man said these words, imposing appearance, with his beautiful face opposite – heroic fortitude, every word sonorous.

toffee and adultery Majesty (1)

Jinxiu, then pressing in a corner of the marble emperor.

for a woman not his own brother hurt gas?

adventure violate a woman would use poison? His fate is so much seen in paragraph Jinxiu bodies.

woman and country – as a monarch, in front of you Chen Di, his only option.

toast man got up on the throne:

“Wang Jin determined, the king determined to East complex – and I wish the two princes in this first small countries to defeat East Rotary triumphant return again to be a good time celebrating the reward of two federated hero, he was a drunk three!! days and three nights! “

“thank Your Majesty!” They shoot straight road,cheap canada goose.

× × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×

a dinner because I am the sky, and finally hastily, Duan men all they need.

say, the emperor and princes have seen several other segments Jinxiu kept Aifei is what looks pretty, that “only a distance, not fondle,” the meaning is clear, they did not dare to imagine the mess the segment Jinxiu woman What would end:

segment Jinxiu was poisoned, or was I poisoned – it is absolutely deplorable living death fate;

segment East East Rotary Complex opportunity petitioned the expedition, he got a HuFu expedition;

while Jinxiu, he saw the prime toffee frightened face, he successfully frightened old woman, had fun in mind, and when to San Xi, we have seen the toffee Yinhen face, as This, in the carriage on the way, he frowned.

I put my hand to his brow wrinkled ask: “Do not gas gas – gas and more, beauty is not beautiful.”

he hesitated.

I also hesitated: “That …… is not what you said to me before?”

“Aifei remember?” he finally spoke, a sigh grabbed my hand, lean body mat inside the carriage.

I asked him: “Are you worried that toffee will not mind playing the bad?”

segment Jinxiu nodded: “The people are afraid of the king to call poison the king, fearing the king’s resolutely – only palace that old temptress, the king was always guess what her next step is Shazhao.”

I said: “Yes ah – because she was a bad role in this world no one can guess what the next step would be to do more perverted perverted things.”

toffee and majesty of adultery (2)

segment Jinxiu smiled indulgently touch my head.

I drew his hand, I asked him: “Jinxiu, can remove up to her so she would not harm you -?”

“wrong, is to remove her, she would not harm my precious!”

“You are important!”

“Aifei most important!”

“I said that is important to you -” It’s what people dead ah? I can at least point martial arts to protect themselves, he physically very weak, standing in front of a pestle tender onions toffee is waiting for others twist!

segment Jinxiu anger, stressing each syllable refute me: “You, the bright red snow, heavy to!!”

I suddenly silent – two relative, only to hear the quiet in the floor of the carriage rolled Che Gulu Gulu Gulu street sound.

segment Jinxiu Yi Tan, his fingers down my cheek caress stay on the chin, lifting his finger on my lips …… ask

“Do you think the king did not want to get rid of her? segment east of the king and the complex also knew she had to die that I die not her point, the king of the world and many people do not Jhihben Su Hongying disputes, others had not notified to the king She was miserable …… depriving the king every time I see her – she can not wait to kill her is there any way …… toffee, not the palace servant, unless the emperor Huangxiong tolerate her, once spent her Majesty! , the king will be able to easily get her to die! “

I naively asked: “She can not move as she toffee …… really?”

Jinxiu reluctantly nodded: “Just because this is like the king of identity …… Jin princes, this one set of identity, people will be afraid of you, afraid to bully you.”

“if ……” I put their thoughts, spit it out, “I killed the palace to assassinate …… ……” if not to say complete, raising his hand and impossible Jinxiu Wushang my mouth!

He glares at me fiercely: “The idea that you do not even think!”

“Wu Wu ……” I would say, I’m just kidding.

segment Jinxiu very seriously authentic: “Even if it is a joke Freeze said – the king of martial arts do not know if you 亚克伦, the king allowed any of you adventure!”

I blink of an eye, somewhat surprised: So not only me, Jinxiu for Karen generals warned before? Could it be that there are primary care …… Karen’s heart, and he had ever mentioned the assassination of prime toffee Jinxiu thing?

toffee and majesty of adultery (3)

“The most important people around you are the king – to the kind of slut scraped, not worthy of the kind of old temptress better fend for themselves how to say the king was not the man to sit the throne,. Palace will not run right back, not face to face, and she naturally without rattling. “

me down to his hand, urgent: “? you do not enter the palace, she was looking How about you in case of eviction.”

“The king can not see malingering, these years are like this.”


Jinxiu secretly smile: “She will not insist forcing – the princes of toffee insist forcing a mansion, which spread to his house, and her reputation on the bad.”

I am curious: “She …… she is a toffee, how worse than the queen?”

my memory, it seems self-proclaimed “Ai Jia,” the woman mostly Empress.

asked about this matter, Duan Jin Xiu only amused him scrape to my ear, and I whisper, muttering say soon, I just felt ears warm, itchy ……

“say what ah?”

Jinxiu came again, this time finished, but also move your mouth kissed my earlobe -

Ah, this is clearly the opportunity to light it!

I quickly raising his hand, stopped him near my ear: “You, Hello to say -”

say say, kiss kiss, how mixed all together?

Jinxiu Speaking today Hongying prime position: she is not the mother of the Emperor Dali, Dali City downtown ceiling a few years ago, everyone panic, she saved three princes youngest son was at that time that the child out of the ceiling, hanging by a thread, is a prime Hongying good care of the child from the front gate of hell to pull back. Three princes Thanksgiving, he did not the mother, after he ascended the throne as king of the canonization of Su Hongying as toffee, revered as the “mother” in general care.

said, Jinxiu frivolous Lengheng paragraph: “But, this pair of men and women of a similar age, three princes old, Huangxiong throne but Sishibuhuo age, he raised one of toffee younger woman than his statue In the house, there is nothing shameful “scandal” only do they know a scandal. “

I lost opened his mouth, not close it!

“You, you …… you say …… …… and His Majesty, and she has …… adultery?”

OMG, this argument too humbling it!

Spring Night every night is not enough (1)

I can not accept!

this, this is not only incest, right? Or Gong Wei scandal?

I scared eyes and asked him: “how do you know?”

Jinxiu shrugged: “The king is a man ah -”

pun, then anti-irony is I caught the tail him: “princes words mean …… you can understand the mind of His Majesty Could …… Jin princes also want Jinwucangjiao ah -??”

action segment Jinxiu rabbit with wolf bashing me: Do not utter the words, especially not to take him to ridicule Jin princes.

pressure over the man’s body knocked the tea carriage on a low table, with both fall on the back of my seat blocked some kiss my sour.

he gasped: “The Tibetan king over you in this life only ‘demon’ ……”

he thought and said:. “Actually …… nine Huangxiong also several other princes have such speculations, we know very well, it is not clear if that pick out, not waiting for the emperor to cut your head Well ? “

my backhand pressure in the swelling of the lips, can not help but nod.

I just sigh too will do the toffee woman ……

obviously hook and take four three other men, or monarch of a country can do anything they want the emperor, this …… why more provoke a segment Jinxiu?

fancy Jinxiu beautiful?

Jinxiu is not to say that prior to her disfigured, pretty mediocre. Could it be that …… because Jinxiu once again refused her, angered her?

Could that be the reason?

- people can not get, the more you want it?

× × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×

segment segment East Jinxiu always said complex is a madman on the battlefield: this madman do not see the smoke and the servant would be uncomfortable fight, no bloody people would not grab land, so – nine princes of the army is ready to go, but the two-day circumstances.

Banquet taken from Dali’s emperor Charms next morning!

I sleep and dream Jinxiu still sweet, Karen generals at the door again a reminder reminder, prompting segment Jinxiu spot want to go out to kill!

He yawned children, robes are too late to rectify, sleepy face appeared in front of the guests.

nine princes glance at his side in me chuckle loudly: “Spring Night every night is not enough, you’re going to go regarded her take it?”

Spring Night every night is not enough (2)

being ironic, paragraph Jinxiu a shrug, he would do to his nine Huangxiong see – full of sleepy easily pulled me in your arms.

segment Jinxiu retorted: “! The king love meat, Huangxiong love to graze, we each have their own preferences, you control me so much.”

“The king is just to remind you, leave tomorrow, for good clothes, to the camp of the king of everything obey orders, the king promised you the princess close at hand, I did not promise you in the barracks ‘meat’! you If bold rebellious military regulations, the king will you equally Army Regulation disposal! “

nine princes himself with making a trip to the palace, is to emphasize “meat idea” a serious problem.

This is obviously violated section Jinxiu taboo!

he suddenly stand up: “The king as you set off, you also control the king did not do a monk?!”

nine princes faint hum: “This title also changed the army of the king is the only king – you, Jinxiu segment to claiming, ‘I’.”

“You -”

unequal segments
Jinxiu show off, carrying nine princes palm a shot, holding the side of the stack of clothes walked palace policy.

palace policy, said: “Jin princes, this is for you prepare for the next master clothes -”

Jinxiu but just swept eyes, he cold laugh and said: “?! Do you allow the king to wear civilian clothes so bad.”

“Otherwise it? Who do you think you are? accompanying you but a medic.” Nine princes sit still, he got up and walked, patted coarse blue shirts palace policy in the hands of his road, “medic respect Military wear the clothes, the clothes WANG Lian Xue Fei prepare the next, you will be a helper of men posing as valet. “

“You dare to let the king Aifei wear such ugly men?”

“Could you still want to wear pajamas running around?” Nine princes a spy, he clearly did not pull his breast see paragraph Jinxiu good, a good wheat-colored skin is exposed on the outside, quite blatantly.

segment Jinxiu usually accustomed to unfettered, now even their favorite outfit was forced to modify his anger!

“The king can not get out! you help a person to compete in the East it! Xue, we back to the house!”

Karen looked
general dilemma.

princes on both sides, both sides are high maintenance Zhuer – this the first persuade Who?

Spring Night every night is not enough (3)

nine princes in no hurry to call people, he reluctantly Yitan behind us